Treccani Arte and MAXXI collaborate on ten limited edition works

Treccani Arte/MAXXI is born, a collaborative project involving the creation of ten limited edition works by ten different artists.

On the occasion of the tenth anniversary of MAXXI Museo nazionale delle arti del XXI secolo, the Treccani Arte/MAXXI project is born: ten limited edition works have been commissioned from ten Italian and international artists whose works have marked the history of the museum venue. The initiative, the brainchild of Treccani Arte, a project entirely dedicated to contemporary art at theItalian Encyclopedia Institute, is curated by MAXXI Arte.

“On the occasion of the tenth anniversary,” said MAXXI director Bartolomeo Pietromarchi, “the museum has developed several projects to celebrate this important moment in its history, dedicated to telling the story of the exhibitions and activities already carried out, but also to shared reflection on the future. We have also started with the Treccani Institute, which by historical vocation has many goals in common with MAXXI, a project of collaboration and enhancement of the practice of artists who are part of our collections and whom we have involved in the creation of limited edition artist multiples.”

The first three limited-edition works chosen to kick off the initiative are by Alfredo Jaar, Remo Salvadori and Nico Vascellari, all conceived in dialogue with works by their respective artists exhibited or acquired in MAXXI’s collections during the museum’s first ten years of activity.

In Antonio Gramsci is Alive, Alfredo Jaar takes up the 2004 work Infinite Cell and develops the endless reflections on the theme of imprisonment. Starting from the historical page of Justice and Freedom of April 30, 1937 in which the tragic death of Antonio Gramsci was announced, the artist reproposes his research on the isolation of the contemporary intellectual capable of opening escape routes through the exercise of thought, generating creative processes destined for immortality. (35 copies + 6 PDAs)

From the work Alfabeto (2019) exhibited on the occasion of the exhibition Della materia spirituale dell’arte, Remo Salvadori chooses the square, symbol of the earth and metaphor of celestial geometry, and copper, the central metal of the alchemical path of the transformation of lead into gold: he thus realizes Nel momento. A grammar made of signs and lines, planes and shapes elaborated by the artist to give life to a juxtaposition of forces and materiality, producing a geometric and at the same time metaphysical harmony. (25 copies + 6 PDAs)

From the work Revenge (2007), winner of the Young Art Prize at the 52nd Venice Biennale then remounted at the MAXXI museum in 2018, Nico Vascellari recovers fir wood slabs that are left over following the spatial readjustment of the installation in the museum’s new spaces. He thus realizes REVENGE (Under The Sign Of). The wood, an integral part of the large sculptural installation, hand-carved and later burned by the artist, becomes the material of choice for the creation of the twelve specimens. (12 specimens + 3 PDAs).

The project is part of the Institute’s strand of interest in contemporary art, which began with the creation in 2018 of Treccani Arte, a center for research and production of editorial works, art multiples, exhibitions and events.

The limited edition works will be available from January 2021 at

Image: Remo Salvadori, In the Moment (2020). Courtesy the artist and Treccani Arte

Treccani Arte and MAXXI collaborate on ten limited edition works
Treccani Arte and MAXXI collaborate on ten limited edition works

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