A Heritage to Regain, Federico Giannini's book by Windows on Art, has been released.

'Un patrimonio da riconquistare', Federico Giannini's book on cultural heritage management in Italy, is out now and available for purchase!

Starting this week, Federico Giannini’s book, A Heritage to Reclaim, is on sale. Cultural Heritage between Reforms, Labor, Hardship and Trade, published by Talos Edizioni. A book that stems from Finestre sull’Arte ’s interest in all the problems from which our cultural heritage suffers, and on which the volume aims to take stock. All the issues that have been talked about in recent months are addressed: the reform of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage, the relationship between public and private in the management of public culture, the spread of box exhibitions, the lack of work in culture, and the transformations that museums have undergone in recent times. All with a clear objective: to spread awareness, because having a clear vision of the problems is the first step in trying to solve them.

All with the style that connotes the articles that Federico Giannini has been writing for years now on Finestre sull’Arte, but also on other important channels and newspapers (including Art and Dossier and Tafter): elegance and clarity of exposition. Un patrimonio da riconquistare is therefore a useful book for understanding what are the dynamics that move culture in Italy nowadays: these are issues about which few write, and it is also for this reason that the book is all the more valuable. A voice that, in short, adds to the cultural debate with an important work, to be read to learn more about how culture is managed in Italy.

The 180-page book is already available on major book-selling portals and will begin to be distributed to bookstores in the coming weeks. For those who do not want to wait, you can order it directly from the publisher by going to www.talosedizioni.it, or purchase it online. We provide a list of sites where you can buy it:

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Un patrimonio da riconquistare

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