Gordon Moran's essays available for free on Academia.edu

Gordon Moran's family has decided to make the great American scholar's essays freely available on Academia.edu

The family of Gordon Moran, late art historian, has decided to publish some of his important works on Academia.edu: they can be found at https://independent.academia.edu/GordonMoranfamily. There are scholarly articles, there are the articles written for the Sienese periodical The Black Rooster, and there is also the seminal Guidoriccio. A guide to the controversy for tourists, scholars, students, and art librarians (in English and Italian), a book published by the Notizie d’Arte publishing house in Siena in 2000 and which has become one of the foundational texts in the bibliography on Guidoriccio da Fogliano, the fresco to which Gordon Moran devoted much of his career in order to try to establish who was its true author (or, at least, who was not).

We give notice of this small event in order to pay further tribute to an independent scholar who made a contribution of the highest importance and considerable cultural depth to the field ofmedieval Sienese art studies. His works had become almost unobtainable: we are therefore delighted that the family (to whom our most sincere congratulations and heartfelt thanks are due) has decided to make these exceptionally important essays available on Academia.edu for all to see. The invitation, from us, is to download and read them: we had already told our audience about the person’s elegance, friendliness and kindness. And we had offered some summaries of his assumptions about Guidoriccio. Now we have an opportunity to also learn more about the scholar’s passion for the search for truth, finesse, culture, intelligence and acumen.

Guidoriccio da Fogliano

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