After two years, Kevin Spacey reappears in public in Rome. And he does so alongside the Boxer

Kevin Spacey reappears in public in Rome after two years: he does so at the National Roman Museum reading poetry by Gabriele Tinti.

Two-time Oscar-winning actor Kevin Spacey, who in late 2017 was engulfed in the harassment scandal (some of the charges at the time have been dropped, other accusers have withdrawn them, and the actor has always claimed innocence), has reappeared in public after nearly two years. Spacey’s public appearance was held in Rome, at the Museo Nazionale Romano, where the popular Hollywood actor read some poems by writer Gabriele Tinti inspired by the Resting Boxer, an important ancient sculpture near which Spacey read Tinti’s lyrics.

The collaboration was the result of Tinti’s passion for imagery, who composed a series of poems inspired by ancient statuary such as The Resting Boxer, The Suicidal Galata, The Victorious Youth (Athlete of Fano), The Barberini Faun, The Discobolus, theHercules Farnese and many others, collaborating over the years with a number of actors, including Joe Mantegna, Robert Davi, Burt Young, Franco Nero, Marton Csokas, and some important museums such as the Metropolitan Museum in New York, the J. Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles, the British Museum in London, the National Roman Museum at Palazzo Massimo and Palazzo Altemps, the Glyptoteca in Munich, the Capitoline Museums, the Ara Pacis Museum, and the Archaeological Museum in Naples.

“I contacted Kevin Spacey,” said Tinti, “by having him talk about my work, introducing him to the project. He immediately appreciated the courage and uniqueness of my proposal. The idea of giving voice to ancient statuary, of giving new life to the remains, to the fragments, to what remains of our past, met his sensitivity and deep passion for art. His generosity and willingness to make the reading happen made everything else easy. He put into the collaboration an intensity of participation that was unexpected by me, a testament to the great artist that he is. Indeed, there is no doubt that he is one of the greatest living actors. It was an honor for me that he agreed to read my verses; to have been able to entrust them precisely to him and thus be able to hear them resonate in his voice was a privilege.”

On the work inspired by the Pugliatore, Tinti said, “I could do nothing but sing all the fragility, loneliness, and the weight of a dramatic life. Depicted by the artist in the act of turning his head while something special is happening (Kairós), the boxer is seated, heavily marked by deep wounds and copious bleeding all over the right side of his body. We are not sure what that turning of the head means: is it perhaps listening to the judge’s verdict? Or a new call to combat? Is it a glance at the inciting crowd? Or perhaps a silent questioning to Zeus in search of some kind of answer? The many controversies that arose in trying to explain that gesture founded all the mystery and poetry, all the seduction, of the play.”

Spacey’s appearance was a surprise: arriving yesterday afternoon, around 6:30 p.m., at the Palazzo Massimo alle Terme (one of the venues of the National Roman Museum), he surprised onlookers as his presence had not been announced. Especially since the actor had been coming from a long period away from the stage. The performance, which lasted about 20 minutes, thus marked the actor’s willingness to come out of the closet and return to acting in front of an audience.

In the photo, a moment of the performance (ph. Credit Manuela De Leonardis)

After two years, Kevin Spacey reappears in public in Rome. And he does so alongside the Boxer
After two years, Kevin Spacey reappears in public in Rome. And he does so alongside the Boxer

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