Artissima 2020 will not be at the Oval: it will be online and inside Turin museums

The Oval will be closed during Artissima 2020. The Turin art fair offers a physical program in museums and digital projects.

The 27th edition of Artissima, scheduled for November 5-8, 2020, will not be held at theOval. Director Ilaria Bonacossa announced this in these words:

"In our last communications we had confirmed the will and the possibility, in compliance with current regulations and with all the necessary precautions, to inaugurate from November 5 to 8 the physical fair, at the Oval Lingotto Fiere, with the participation of 125 Italian and international galleries.
However, the Italian and European health situation, which we constantly monitor in order to ensure a totally safe event, continues to register negative developments that have led us to carefully reevaluate the modalities and timing of the 2020 edition of the fair. In a context of global uncertainty, the sudden changes of scenario and the resulting insecurity that governs the decisions of individuals therefore force us today not to proceed with the organization of Artissima in the canonical format and instead to imagine, with our usual determination and will, new ways to physically present art in Turin."

The director thus informed her galleries and partners of her decision not to open the doors of the Oval for the 27th edition of Artissima, but to go ahead with the organization of a physical program, carried out with Fondazione Torino Musei, and digital projects, to be inaugurated on the same dates so that the 2020 fair will continue to be an opportunity for the city and its international interlocutors to learn about, admire, and explore contemporary art.

During the months of preparation for the event, Artissima worked on the logistics of access and enjoyment of the fair pavilion, as well as on a renewed set-up, implementing all the necessary measures to guarantee operators and visitors full security in compliance with current anti-covid regulations. The decision to forego holding the event in its usual form was made after a careful analysis of the latest developments in the health situation in Europe and the inevitable consequences on international travel.

The uncertainties of the current scenario, which does not rule out the imminent introduction of further restrictions on mobility and on the capacities allowed for events, do not allow a major event such as Artissima to guarantee the success it is accustomed to offering its stakeholders.

November will, as always, represent an opportunity to launch experimental and innovative projects to which the fair has accustomed collectors and enthusiasts during its recent editions. Artissima’s digital catalog, structured in 2017 and continuously updated in usability, will be joined by the launch of a new cross-media platform - ARTISSIMA XYZ - which will host the fair’s three curated sections Present Future, Back to the Future and Drawings from November 3 to December 9, 2020.

Image: Artissima 2019. Ph. Credit Perottino - Piva - Bottallo / Artissima

Artissima 2020 will not be at the Oval: it will be online and inside Turin museums
Artissima 2020 will not be at the Oval: it will be online and inside Turin museums

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