Bologna, Lucio Dalla will have his own square. Official dedication in July

A square in Bologna will be named after Lucio Dalla in July, ten years after his death. A covered space of nearly 6,000 square meters that will be the star of Bologna Estate.

The Bologna City Council officially approved the resolution to name"Piazza Lucio Dalla, artist and songwriter (1943-2012)." A square in his hometown, precisely under the Tettoia Nervi roof, will finally be named after the well-known singer-songwriter, who passed away in 2012. A covered space of almost 6,000 square meters that will be the protagonist of Bologna Estate.

In recent months, Mayor Matteo Lepore had publicly put forward the proposal to name a traffic area after Dalla ten years after his death and eighty years after his birth. Subsequently, the Consultative Commission for the Naming of City Streets had accepted the proposal to name the area adjacent to Aristotile Fioravanti Street, below the “Tettoia Nervi” after Lucio Dalla. Now, after the Navile District Council gave a favorable opinion on the naming proposal, the final act of the Council, which gave the final go-ahead at Tuesday’s meeting.

The dedication ceremony will take place on Saturday, July 9.

The Nervi Canopy recently underwent a major renovation that led to its transformation into a 5,882-square-meter covered plaza.

In recent weeks, Estragon, which submitted a proposal in a network with many local entities, was also identified through public notice as the manager of summer activities in the “Tettoia Nervi” area as part of Bologna Estate 2022. A pilot project supported with funds from the Ministry of Culture for cultural management projects in peripheral areas that have spin-offs in terms of social inclusion, territorial rebalancing and employment protection with particular reference to young people.

Bologna, Lucio Dalla will have his own square. Official dedication in July
Bologna, Lucio Dalla will have his own square. Official dedication in July

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