Italian private theaters announce 24-hour long marathon for Nov. 25

Massimo Romeo Piparo, president of the Association of Private Italian Theaters, announced for Nov. 25 the National Day of Live Performing Arts.

Italy’s private theaters will light up on Nov. 25, as soon as the closure obligation ends, on the occasion of the National Day of Live Performing Arts. Announcing this to Ansa is Massimo Romeo Piparo, president of theItalian Private Theaters Association.

"It will be a twenty-four-hour long mobilization of protest,“ which will begin from the first minute after midnight between November 24 and 25. ”We had set the day for Nov. 10, but we won’t be able to make it,“ Piparo continued. ”What we want is not welfarism without accountability and without creation of induced income, but fiscal tools, discussing the safety of spaces, the relationship of theater with TV and especially with schools, in order to create the audiences of tomorrow."

In these hours, the president of ATIP has addressed a letter to Prime Minister Conte and Ministers Speranza and Franceschini, in which the association asks for the possibility for workers of private theater companies to be able to continue their work.

Therefore, on Nov. 25, from midnight onward, private Italian theaters will open their doors for a long marathon, in presence and virtual: from the stage of Rome’s Teatro Sistina, and simultaneously from those of theaters in Milan, Genoa, Turin, Brescia, Padua, Bologna, Florence, Naples, Bari, Palermo and Catania, there will be meetings with industry workers, politicians, personalities, artists, and journalists. “They wounded us, put us in agony and then killed us. And we didn’t deserve it,” Piparo adds. “After the lockdown, we restarted activities, respecting all the experts’ instructions. But we had already come to the limit, implementing every security measure and the reduction of our ability to collect: now they are forcing us to close after all the various measures. What little trust there was in the institutions is broken.”

“We invite politicians and experts to physically come to our theaters,” he concludes, "maybe they don’t even know what we are. With this decision it is as if they are saying: we can’t do it, so you have to stop. But this way the risk is that the idea remains in the audience that going to the theater and cinema is dangerous. And that is very serious."

Image: Interior of the Carlo Felice Theater in Genoa

Italian private theaters announce 24-hour long marathon for Nov. 25
Italian private theaters announce 24-hour long marathon for Nov. 25

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