Large fire in the night in the Segesta Archaeological Park: damage recorded

A vast fire engulfed the Segesta Archaeological Park tonight. Recorded damage.

Last night a vast fire involved the Segesta Archaeological Park. Destroyed the Park’s refreshment and souvenir area: the flames came from the valley bordering the Temple, until they involved the room intended for the sale of merchandising where the roof fell in. Damage also occurred to the Antiquarium area, where flames destroyed the restrooms.

Also destroyed were the fences along the road up to the Temple and the wooden roofing over the archaeological area of the rock houses. The fire also involved the Temple area, where wooden cottages used by janitors caught fire. The Doric temple tonight was completely surrounded by flames, despite the efforts of forestry, civil defense, firefighters and aerial vehicles to try to extinguish the fire, which originated from the Segesta tunnel and then spread rapidly through the park and surrounding areas.

“It was an inferno within minutes,” recounted one of the janitors who was on duty tonight. “With our colleagues we only had time to survey the temple and when we came down already the flames were invading the road.”

Today the Park remained closed to the public to ensure restoration work on the area affected by tonight’s fire, and the archaeological site warns that the Park will also remain closed tomorrow, Wednesday, July 26, to allow safety work to continue.

In areas surrounding Segesta, tourist facilities and homes have been evacuated. “A real tragedy,” said Calatafimi Mayor Francesco Gruppuso. “What we had managed to save last year, in one night, was completely destroyed. We are deeply saddened. I beg and urge anyone who knows anything about this criminal hand to report it.”

Fire in the archaeological park of Segesta
Fire in Segesta Archaeological Park

Large fire in the night in the Segesta Archaeological Park: damage recorded
Large fire in the night in the Segesta Archaeological Park: damage recorded

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