Museums reopen in Turin. Here's how and all the dates.

Museums reopen in Turin starting June 2. Here are the dates and how to visit.

In Turin, the Royal Museums reopen to the public on June 2: Thus, the Royal Palace with the Armory, the Chapel of the Shroud, the second floor of the Savoy Gallery and the Turin section of the Museum of Antiquities return to visit. Also among the novelties is the “on view” restoration of the altar of the Chapel of the Shroud to follow the work of restorers from the San Luca Consortium who are working on the masterpiece designed by Antonio Bertola between 1688 and 1694 to house the Shroud.

The Royal Library, on the other hand, has been open since May 27.

“During the two most severe months of the confinement, the city center was deserted, but the museums were never alone, thanks to the efforts of the small team of staff who took turns manning the security of the buildings and collections,” said Royal Museums director Enrica Pagella. “Like many, museums have been experimenting with agile work on a scale never before seen, discovering unsuspected opportunities, enhancing digital tools and building, paradoxically, in the distance, a new solidarity, among ourselves and with the public. Now, this reopening is full of anticipation and hope. Since mid-April, when the light began to filter down the tunnel, we have been intensely dedicated to the prevention plan, and the first stimuli have come from the work of the Turin Polytechnic Institute for Business Restart. More than ever, we are persuaded of the role that museums can play in relation to the community, as a place of knowledge and well-being, and also as a memory and symbol of greatness, beauty, and challenges that can inspire us in this time of crisis and uncertainty.”

The new video platform on the Royal Museums website will also be presented: it is the èreale project, which aims to offer original video content created by the Royal Museums in collaboration with the multidisciplinary creative studio MYBOSSWAS in Turin. Thematic insights will accompany visitors among the finely decorated rooms, precious tapestries, ancient armor and millennia-old artifacts, discovering little-known treasures and unpublished works of art, revealing the behind-the-scenes of restorations, museum layouts and heritage care.

The project’s launch was given by Birth: it’s Real, an exclusive three-minute cinematic musical short film where dancers, acrobats, fencers and opera singers experience a magical journey inside museums. The video was written and created by director and composer Giorgio Ferrero with director of photography Federico Biasin. On the platform, the public will be able to see free thematic tours in virtual reality, and the schedule will be continuously enriched; already featured is the playlist Closed In. Museums seen from the inside: works and rooms are narrated by curators, technicians and operators.

The Royal Museums will be open Tuesday through Sunday from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m., with free admission up to 18 years old and reduced admission at 2 euros from 18 to 25 years old. Access will be restricted, compulsory use of hand sanitization mask, use of thermoscanner, two-meter interpersonal distance and single visit route. Reservations are not required and tickets can be purchased either online or at the ticket office. The MRT app is available for download on the Apple Store or Google Play to explore the museum tour in depth and listen to the audio guide with 35 tracks.

Every Saturday and Sunday, starting June 6, guided tours will resume on the second floor of the Royal Palace, in the apartment of the Princes, led by volunteers from the “Friends of the Royal Palace” Association and Coopculture operators, for groups of up to 8 people and with the exclusive possibility of going out on the terrace to overlook the Royal Gardens and Piazza Castello.

From the second half of June, special tours of the Palace and Royal Armory, the Chapel of the Shroud, Queen Elena’s Apartment and the Royal Kitchens will be available on weekends, while the Ducal Garden and the Boschetto will have to wait until June 28 for the completion of the re-functionalization and restoration work.

As for GAM-Galleria Civica d’Arte Moderna e Contemporanea and MAO Museo d’Arte Orientale, Fondazione Torino Musei is preparing the reopening in collaboration with the Politecnico di Torino, taking into account the specificities of each museum. Reopening dates will be announced soon.

The Egyptian Museum will reopen to the public on June 2 with free admission and will then be accessible only from Friday to Sunday.

Ph.Credit Musei Reali Torino

Museums reopen in Turin. Here's how and all the dates.
Museums reopen in Turin. Here's how and all the dates.

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