Naples: a cable car could connect the Mann to Capodimonte in just six minutes

In Naples, a cable car could connect the Mann and the Capodimonte Museum in just six minutes: feasibility study presented by an architect.

The Neapolitan architect heading the Gnosis studio Francesco Felice Buonfantino has presented a feasibility study of a cable car that could connect two important museum venues in the Neapolitan city in a very short time, namely the Mann-National Archaeological Museum and the Capodimonte Museum and Real Bosco.

The architect told Ansa that it would be "a six-minute ride, with lots of 15-seat cabins that will have zero impact. It is a project that would really connect the two museum hubs, bringing an innovation to the city."

The cable car station at the Mann is planned in the outdoor spaces behind the museum, with a 50-meter tower that could also house a panoramic restaurant; while the one at Capodimonte is planned in the Real Bosco and would have minimal environmental impact, according to Buonfantino.

"It will be a six-minute ride for 3,000 travelers per hour,“ said the architect. He added, ”So many visitors could leave their cars at Capodimonte and in six minutes be downtown," for a project that would bring Naples back among the innovative cities, “as it was a century agowhen in 1920, after London,” Buonfantino recalled, “one of Lamont Young’s first subway projects was for Naples. The impact on the city would be zero, and from the cable car there would be a view of all of Naples.”

From what has been stated, the construction time for the cable car would be three years. “We have delivered the study to the Region,” he concluded; "now the next step is to find the funds for the executive project, then an international tender or competition would be held to carry out the project and award the work." The costs would amount to 30 million euros.

Image: Ansa

Naples: a cable car could connect the Mann to Capodimonte in just six minutes
Naples: a cable car could connect the Mann to Capodimonte in just six minutes

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