New bill in the House: more protections for entertainment workers

A new bill to give new protections to entertainment workers was presented to the House today. Among the participants was actor Lino Guanciale.

Today was an important day for the world of entertainment: a new bill was presented in the House that aims to give protections and a welfare architecture to female workers in the entertainment industry.

The presentation was attended by Congresswoman Chiara Gribaudo, a signatory of the proposal, along with Alessandra Carbonaro, Emanuela Bizi of Slc CGIL Nazionale, and actors Lino Guanciale and Fabio Mangolini.

"The health emergency has literally imploded the inherent fragility and precariousness of this sector,“ Chiara Gribaudo stressed. ”Closed theaters and cinemas, empty stages and silent squares, are a painful lack for all of us but a real tragedy for thousands of workers, who have never had real welfare. That is why today in the House we presented a new bill, which aims to finally give a system, a welfare architecture to this world. Because it is in the widespread culture that is born the possibility of creating innovation and social cohesion.“ He continues: ”So let’s address contractual issues, insurance, sickness, maternity, welfare, taxation, and effective tools for continuing professional education, because the more training there is the higher the quality of the system will be. To this profession then we must give social recognition, because it represents a collective wealth. Someone, not too many years ago, said that with culture you cannot eat. If we have learned anything since then, it is that the mortification of culture and art has made us more ignorant and more selfish. This emergency, too, will end, and the curtain will reopen on the live entertainment that enlivens every corner of Italy. But those who work there cannot be left alone, because without them we all feel more alone. Performing arts professionals need real social protection,“ he concludes, ”because their work is not a sham and their rights must be reality."

Lino Guanciale, through a video contribution, highlighted the importance of this new proposal and “the absolute urgency of measures such as those contained in the bill.” He is among the actors who has most affirmed the need for protections for all workers in the entertainment industry(he also spoke about this in our magazine in a lengthy interview) and the more he has put himself on the line in his confrontation with institutions.

“Today’s is an important date [...] It is the beginning of a decisive path, for the development of which the contribution of all of us workers, artists and technicians is necessary. Now more than ever,” Guanciale commented.

The press conference can be viewed at this link

New bill in the House: more protections for entertainment workers
New bill in the House: more protections for entertainment workers

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