Pantelleria: established the Archaeological Park

After that of Segesta, the Archaeological Park of Pantelleria was established. It will now have its own autonomy.

A few days after the establishment ofthe Segesta Archaeological Park, another archaeological park was established in Sicily: that of Pantelleria.
The latter will therefore also enjoy its own scientific and research, administrative and financial autonomy.

The Pantelleria Archaeological Park includes all the archaeological areas on the island: from the Acropolis of Santa Teresa to the sites of Mursia and Sesi, the village of Scauri, and the temple of Venus.

The ceremony was held in the Barbacane Castle in the presence of Mayor Vincenzo Campo, Cultural Heritage Councillor Sebastiano Tusa, Economy Councillor Gaetano Armao, and Regional Director of Cultural Heritage Sergio Alessandro.

President of the Sicilian Region Nello Mosumeci said, “The enhancement of Sicilian cultural heritage is among the priorities of my government and we are proceeding in forced stages, just as we had set out to do: after Segesta, today comes Pantelleria.”

Also satisfied was Tusa, who added, “Signing the decree establishing the Park right on the island and in the presence of so many citizens of Pantelleria is for me a double satisfaction: on the one hand, keeping a promise, giving the concrete possibility of development and protection of the territory, and on the other hand, a sign of the closeness of the Musumeci government to the populations of the smaller islands, too often in the past abandoned to the many problems they have to deal with on a daily basis.”

Source: Repubblica - TP 24

Ph.Credit: Port of Scauri

Pantelleria: established the Archaeological Park
Pantelleria: established the Archaeological Park

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