Pantelleria's new Museum of the Sea is named after Sebastiano Tusa

A ceremony was held yesterday afternoon during which the new Pantelleria Sea Museum was named after Sebastiano Tusa.

The new Museum of the Sea in Pantelleria is named after Sebastiano Tusa.

It is a tribute to thearchaeologist and culture councilor of the Region of Sicily, who died in March 2019 in theplane crash in Ethiopia, during which all passengers and crew members died leaving no survivors. Tusa, an experienced archaeologist who dedicated numerous studies and many research campaigns to Pantelleria, also carrying out international projects, was in Ethiopia for a UNESCO project.

The ceremony was held yesterday afternoon in the presence of the Councilor for Cultural Heritage and Sicilian Identity , Alberto Samonà, the Superintendent of the Sea, Valeria Li Vigni Tusa’s widow, Sebastiano’s son, Andrea Tusa, and Vincenzo Campo, Mayor of the Municipality of Pantelleria, to which the Museum belongs. “I appreciate the initiative of the municipality in tribute to Sebastiano Tusa whom I had called, as a technician, within my government for his rare expertise in cultural heritage,” said Regional President Nello Musumeci. “The love and interest he had for the island of Pantelleria is being rewarded today by an initiative of great moral significance.”

“By naming the Pantelleria Museum of the Sea after Sebastiano Tusa,” commented Councillor Samonà, "the regional government honors the man and the archaeologist who linked research campaigns, studies and cutting-edge international projects to Pantelleria, a land he loved and to which he dedicated significant portions of his activity. It is also a way to pass on to future generations an identity heritage that is made of love for our land, of memory, of passion sometimes pushed beyond the limits of rationality in seemingly visionary research enterprises. Sebastiano Tusa believed a lot in the Pantelleria Sea Museum and carefully studied its contents, paths, narrative code. The museum will be alive and interactive, reserving for visitors the privilege of listening to the history of the Island, through a video in which Sebastiano Tusa himself narrates it; a way of transmitting the memory of the places that makes current and palpable that ideal tension and passion that we have the duty to preserve and witness."

The Sebastiano Tusa Sea Museum is in theArenella industrial archaeology area, between the port, Mursia and the Sevi Village. The Municipality of Pantelleria will take care of the architectural structure, display and technical solutions of the new museum, and will rely on the technical and scientific advice of the Superintendence of the Sea, which will provide the archaeological finds to be exhibited and documentary material.

“Sebastiano dedicated to Pantelleria and the Museo del Mare a passion and commitment that went beyond his work as Superintendent and archaeologist,” stressed Valeria Li Vigni, Superintendent of the Sea and Tusa’s wife."He loved Pantelleria beloved by its people. The museum has his imprint and tells the story of the island as he saw it: the beating heart of the Mediterranean, the island within the island."

Pantelleria's new Museum of the Sea is named after Sebastiano Tusa
Pantelleria's new Museum of the Sea is named after Sebastiano Tusa

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