Parma 2020 activities suspended or cancelled: can they continue in 2021?

Due to Coronavirus emergency, all activities of Parma 2020 have been suspended or cancelled. Asked the government to continue it in 2021.

As a result of theCovid-19 emergency, all cultural activities for Parma Italian Capital of Culture 2020 have been suspended until April 3, as stipulated by the March 8 DPCM, and some of them have been cancelled.

The Committee for Parma 2020 announces that “in order not to disperse the great effort made so far and the invaluable heritage of events put in place by dozens and dozens of subjects that this great project had evoked, we are trying the impossible to reschedule as many activities as possible in the second half of the year or, in many cases next year.”

“We are living in a moment of great difficulty,” commented Parma City Councillor for Culture Michele Guerra, “which particularly strongly affects the world of culture, which is in fact closed and which, despite laudable attempts to experiment with alternative channels of artistic and cultural communication and interaction, is literally overwhelmed by the terrible situation we are going through. As far as Parma 2020 is concerned, in these weeks we are making contact with all the project leaders and together we will try to figure out how we can reshape the schedule for a year that nevertheless seems severely compromised, while waiting to see if we can be Italian Capital of Culture in the year 2021 as well, a decision that would give this reshaping a different breath. We are grateful to President Bonaccini and mayors Reggio Emilia and Piacenza for their appeal for ”Parma 2021“ and that the entire Destination Emilia has thus once again demonstrated the unity of purpose that continues to exist around the Italian Capital of Culture project.”

Parma is therefore waiting to hear the government’s decision regarding the possibility of granting the city to continue its path as Italian Capital of Culture in 2021. In addition, Parma 2020 communication will be intensified to keep the attention on the city and the territory high.

Image: Parma, Piazza del Duomo. Ph. Credit Liam Wyatt

Parma 2020 activities suspended or cancelled: can they continue in 2021?
Parma 2020 activities suspended or cancelled: can they continue in 2021?

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