Pesaro is the Italian Capital of Culture 2024

Pesaro will be the Italian Capital of Culture 2024. The city will thus succeed Bergamo-Brescia 2023.

Italian Capital of Culture 2024 is officially Pesaro. The winning city was announced a short while ago and will succeed Bergamo-Brescia 2023.

The city was chosen by a jury chaired by Silvia Calandrelli, who announced it to Culture Minister Dario Franceschini, from ten finalist cities: Ascoli Piceno, Chioggia (Venice), Mesagne (Brindisi), Pesaro, Sestri Levante and Tigullio (Genoa), Syracuse, Unione dei Comuni di Paestum-Alto Cilento (Salerno, the union is composed of the municipalities of Agropoli, Capaccio, Cicerale, Laureana Cilento, Lustra, Perdifumo, Prignano Cilento, Rutino and Torchiara), Viareggio (Lucca) and Vicenza.

The Italian Capital of Culture 2024 will receive 1 million euros for the implementation of the project, in order to showcase, for the period of one year, its original characters and the factors that determine its cultural development, understood as an engine of growth of the entire community.

Following is the motivation:

“The city of Pesaro offers an excellent candidacy based on a cultural project that, by enhancing an area already extraordinarily rich in historical testimonies and valuable landscapes and environments, proposes concrete actions through which to also foster integration, innovation and socio-economic development. In this perspective, the proposal gives the right balance between nature, culture and technology, three elements that come together in a context of shared action between the public and private sectors. The emphasis on the value of citizenship as recognition and as practice through concrete exercises, now more than ever, affirms a direction that can generate contributions for other future experiences. The effort to involve the younger generation in a challenging program seems particularly interesting in light of the challenges that the uncertain times propose. The enhancement of the relationship between city and territory with a program articulately extended to all the municipalities of the province complements voice by making choral the achievement of the title of Capital of Culture.”

Pesaro is the Italian Capital of Culture 2024
Pesaro is the Italian Capital of Culture 2024

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