Sammezzano Castle listed among 14 most endangered European sites

Sammezzano Castle has been placed on the list of Europe's fourteen most endangered sites.

The Sammezzano Castle has been included in the list of the fourteen most endangered European sites: this was announced by Francesco Esposito, spokesperson for the Save Sammezzano Civic Movement.

The list was established as part of the fifth edition of 7 Most Endangered, a community program that aims to identify the most endangered cultural sites on European territory and mobilize, for seven of them, public and private entities so that their recovery is promoted.

Sammezzano’s candidacy has received official support from the Ministry of Cultural Heritage, the Region of Tuscany, the Municipality of Reggello, the Ferdinando Panciatichi Ximenes D’Aragona Committee and Kairos Srl. Since mid-November, Sammezzano Castle Srl, the company that owns Sammezzano Castle, has emerged from bankruptcy, regaining substantial availability of the property.

Despite the fact that it is the most important example of eclectic architecture in Italy, even considered by many to be the most beautiful castle in the country, and that it has long been the subject of an awareness campaign that has led it to be one of Italy’s most beloved monuments, Sammezzano continues to be in a state of decay and disuse for nearly 30 years, resulting in a worsening of its already dramatic structural situation.

With its reconfirmation among the most endangered places in Europe, including the National Theatre of Albania, Khoranashat Monastery in Armenia, Castle Jezerí in the Czech Republic, Tapiola Swimming Hall in Finland, the Archaeological Park of Sibari, and the Ivicke House in the Netherlands, Sammezzano is internationally recognized as a cultural site of very high historical-monumental importance, so it is necessary to do everything possible to stop its state of decay.

It will be known in March 2020 whether Sammezzano will also be included among the seven finalist sites that will participate in the full program, which will involve organizing “rescue missions” to the site, following which Europa Nostra ’s multidisciplinary experts will prepare reports with ideas and recommendations for the recovery of each site.

Pictured is the lunar facade.

Sammezzano Castle listed among 14 most endangered European sites
Sammezzano Castle listed among 14 most endangered European sites

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