Savona, sales ad for a detached house, but it's actually a theater

Online portal for buying real estate offers a detached house for sale, but it is actually a theater.

An online portal for buying real estate offers for sale a 1,800-square-meter “detached house” consisting of three rooms, a bathroom, outdoor courtyard, garage and technical rooms, “ideal for productive activity,” located in Savona ’s historic center at a price of 1.5 million euros.

It is actually a real theater whose stalls can accommodate six hundred people and, from what can be seen from the pictures accompanying the ad, has frescoes on the vault.

The theater in question is Monturbano’s Teatro degli Scolopi, built in 1926 but disused for several years, although redevelopment and enhancement work has been proposed several times.

The announcement was noticed by Savona engineer Paolo Forzano, who launched an appeal to the city’s mayor Ilaria Caprioglio with the aim of not turning that theater into a manufacturing business, but of enhancing the entire structure. “The ad is on the Web, but you can’t tell right away that it’s the theater,” said Forzano; “you have to go and see the photos to understand it. Today it is in a state of neglect, and the moisture oozing from the roof is ruining the paintings on the vault. It is a great Savona treasure that should be recovered.”

The intent of the former owner, a lover of music and entertainment, was to restore it and make a multipurpose hall with about six hundred seats to host musical events, conventions, conferences, and seminars.
However, the heirs decided to sell it through an ordinary real estate ad. A fact destined to become a case in the Ligurian city.

Savona, sales ad for a detached house, but it's actually a theater
Savona, sales ad for a detached house, but it's actually a theater

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