Scientific collaboration to receive gladiator fights: agreement signed in Rome

The Colosseum Archaeological Park, the Ars Dimicandi Association and the Roman Historical Group have signed a scientific collaboration agreement aimed at raising awareness of the world of gladiature through scientific projects but also festivals, re-enactments and popular moments.

The Colosseum Archaeological Park, the Ars Dimicandi Association and the Roman Historical Group today announced the signing of a scientific collaboration agreement aimed at exploring and promoting gladiature in the ancient world through experimental archaeology methodologies. The project, promoted by the Colosseum Archaeological Park with a time perspective of at least three years, aims to disseminate the discipline of gladiature with an approach based on solid scientific foundations. Using the techniques of experimental archaeology, the initiative aims to bring the knowledge and experience of ancient gladiatorial combat to a national and international level.

One of the pillars of the agreement is the creation of traveling events that will be held at different arenas of Roman amphitheaters in Italy and abroad, a direct emanation of the Colosseum. These events, which will become a regular annual event, will offer the public the opportunity to not only witness but also actively participate in discovering the fighting techniques of gladiators. The program includes the creation of a dedicated Festival, including exhibitions, conferences, theatrical performances, educational laboratories, workshops and special activities for young people. Each participant will have the opportunity to immerse himself in the daily life of ancient Rome, exploring gladiatorial combat tactics and the organization of the Roman legions.

The agreement will be formally signed and presented on June 20 at 2:30 p.m. in the press room of the Chamber of Deputies, with the participation of the President of the Cultural Commission of the Chamber of Deputies, Federico Mollicone, promoter of the law on historical reenactment, Alfonsina Russo, Director General of the Colosseum Archaeological Park, Dario Battaglia, President of Ars Dimicandi, Sergio Iacomoni, President of the Roman Historical Group, and Federica Rinaldi, archaeological officer in charge of the Colosseum.

“It is an honor to take part in this historic day of meeting between the Colosseum Archaeological Park and associations that have been working for decades on scientific study and research in the field of gladiation,” says Federico Mollicone, chairman of the Culture Commission in the House and first signer of the law for the protection of Historical Reenactment. “Historical reenactment constitutes a factor in the development of culture, an element of cohesion and national identity, and is an essential vector for the promotion and understanding of ancient Rome and its rituals and traditions. A bill to protect this discipline will be finally approved in the Senate. The protocol that is signed will represent an innovative and successful model for the historiographic valorization of gladiature and an example for other agreements like this one.”

“This is an important and historic day for the Colosseum because we are signing a three-year agreement that will help define the guidelines and operational activities necessary to scientifically popularize the theme of gladiature, build audience loyalty and enhance the arenas that will bid to host the Festivals, thus reaffirming the mission and role of the Colosseum to become the promoter of a network of institutions, entities and associations that will collaborate in order to the success of a unique project in the reenactment scene of ancient Rome,” says Alfonsina Russo, director of the Colosseum Archaeological Park.

“This collaboration marks a fundamental step forward in the promotion and understanding of gladiature in the context of ancient Rome,” says Sergio Iacomoni, president of the Roman Historical Group. “We are excited to contribute to this project that will bring our history and culture to the public in an innovative and engaging way.”

“This event sanctions an unprecedented strategic collaboration,” says Dario Battaglia, president of Ars Dimicandi. "Decades of historical investigation, experimental archaeology and scientific popularization in the world’s most prestigious festivals will be directed at the service of Heritage to build a new cultural consciousness, for the formation of a new and qualified audience. The ongoing projects, already partly initiated with the Roman Historical Group and the Colosseum Archaeological Park in the person of Dr. Federica Rinaldi, will see the unprecedented format of Dies in Arena - A Day in the Arena, bring the Colosseum to all the amphitheaters of the Mediterranean, as an ambassador of an antiquity revisited, compelling and thoughtful."

Image: athletes from Ars Dimicandi in Paestum

Scientific collaboration to receive gladiator fights: agreement signed in Rome
Scientific collaboration to receive gladiator fights: agreement signed in Rome

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