Stolen 1994 painting found in London

The Carabinieri Cultural Heritage Protection Command has found a painting attributable to either Pannini or Locatelli that had been stolen in 1994.

The painting"Capriccio architettonico con astanti," attributable to either Giovanni Paolo Pannini or Andrea Locatelli, has been found by the Comando Carabinieri Tutela Patrimonio Culturale: it had been stolen in 1994.

They traced it to an auction house in London and it will soon be returned to the National Galleries of Ancient Art in Rome - Palazzo Barberini, to which it had been donated by the Torlonia family in 1892.

It was a troubled history for the painting, which had been given on temporary deposit to the Siviero Archive in 1958.

Upon locating the work in London, Carabinieri ascertained the correspondence between the stolen painting and the rediscovered painting and discovered that it was an antiquarian who had delivered the work to the auction house, obtaining a certificate of free circulation.

Source: Adnkronos - Ansa

Stolen 1994 painting found in London
Stolen 1994 painting found in London

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