Vatican Museums are 3D: proposed Sistine Experience

In recent days, the nearly completed project of digitizationin 3D of the Vatican Museums was presented. Also proposed is the Sistine Experience.

The Vatican Museums have been digitized in 3D by the Perugia-based company Archimede: a project that began in 2014 and has now almost been realized.

The latter was presented in recent days in the Conference Hall of the Vatican Museums at the conference"Knowledge, Safeguarding, Valorization. The Archimedes Experience for the Vatican Museums" by Barbara Jatta, director of the Vatican Museums. “Tradition and innovation are in the last decades in happy union,” said the director.

In addition, the proposal of a"Sistine Experience" was presented: the Sistine Chapel could become itinerant through a wooden structure, of the real dimensions of the famous Chapel, in which its masterpieces could be reproduced, thanks to the work of digitization and 3D modeling.

If the Sistine Experience is realized, the public will not be “forced” to travel to the Vatican to admire the world-famous Chapel.


Vatican Museums are 3D: proposed Sistine Experience
Vatican Museums are 3D: proposed Sistine Experience

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