Venice, the Mose for the first time repels the tide: end of high water in the city?

Today for the first time, the Mose in Venice repelled the tide, whose predicted peak was 135 cm. Is this the end of high water in the city?

For the first time in history, the Mose (acronym for MOdulo Sperimentale Elettromeccanico), the system of disappearing dikes designed with the aim of saving Venice from flooding due to high water, has managed to repel the tide. A surge of 135 centimeters was forecast for today (this was the peak hypothesized for 12 noon), and at the moment the dams have actually succeeded in barring the entrance of water into the city, so much so that, shortly after noon, the mayor of the lagoon capital, Luigi Brugnaro, posted on his Twitter profile some photos showing him toasting together with citizens, colleagues, members of the police force and Civil Defense.

This morning, the first citizen also went in person to the Malamocco inlet (one of the three points where the Venice lagoon communicates with the sea: the others are the Lido and Chioggia inlets) to check the situation: “It’s 10:10,” he said, “the Mose is raised, and we can see a 70-centimeter difference in height between the sea, outside, and the lagoon. Now we are waiting for two more hours of contribution, because the peak will be at noon, however, the difference is clear: the Mose is stable, we remain confident, but for the moment we are satisfied.”

Of course, today’s high water is far from the record peak reached last year, of 187 centimeters, the second highest in history, which had caused massive damage in the city, invading historic buildings, museums, churches, homes, businesses, and flooding almost all of Venice. The result of the Mose, however, rekindles hope in the citizens and, in general, in anyone who loves Venice: has the project finally spelled the end of high water causing damage in the city?

Pictured: the Mose this morning with the raised dikes

Venice, the Mose for the first time repels the tide: end of high water in the city?
Venice, the Mose for the first time repels the tide: end of high water in the city?

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