Franceschini again culture minister, here are the hot comments from politics

Here are some hot comments, from politicians (majority and opposition), on the appointment of Dario Franceschini as minister of cultural heritage (a comeback: Franceschini was already minister of cultural heritage from 2014 to 2018 under the Renzi and Gentiloni governments).

Luca Bergamo (Movimento 5 Stelle, deputy mayor of Rome with responsibility for cultural growth): “I hope and am convinced that a strong synergy can be created between the Mibact, Ministry of University and Scientific Research and Roma Capitale, to make the most of the potential that lies in the condition that makes Rome a unique city in the world, namely hosting at the same time an immense cultural heritage and an equally large scientific, academic and contemporary culture producer community. That is, a city of intelligence.”

Flavia Piccoli Nardelli (Pd, chairwoman of the Culture Commission in the Chamber in the 17th legislature): “I am very happy with this appointment, which means recognizing culture the weight it had previously,” she tells AgCult agency. “I am sure that in the cultural sphere we will succeed in doing good things, also strong from a tradition of collaboration that we have always exercised in the Culture Commission, both in this legislature and in the past. I am confident that we will be able to complete the work undertaken on the reading bill, a work that has involved all the parliamentary groups and therefore also very interesting.”

Matteo Salvini (League, party secretary): “to culture Franceschini returns. But how do you stay in a country that does not have Franceschini in government? He has survived everything and everyone, chapeau: one of those men in the Democratic Party who will govern in the future even with Befana, with Goofy, with Pluto, because he is there. Cultural heritage and tourism: maybe he will take up Rutelli’s legacy.”

Francesco Giro (Forza Italia, member of the Cultural Commission in the Senate): “Franceschini back at the head of the Collegio Romano on the one hand is a guarantee because he knows the environment, but on the other hand he could be a problem. In fact, I hope that he will correct some of the forcings of his predecessor Bonisoli who approved a regulation of the Ministry with the Secretary General turned into a superhero full of super powers, which is ridiculous if not tragic. But I also hope that Franceschini, being the reasonable person that he is, will immediately correct many profiles of his reform that has infragilitated state superintendencies with the illusion of speeding up procedures now inevitably delegated to officials, and that has produced next to the A-list museums, the B- and C-list museums marginalized in the so-called regional museum poles without money and without a solid territorial marketing policy behind them. And then there are the hirings launched by the yellow-green government, which I hope will be done quickly and critically.”

Federico Mollicone (Fratelli d’Italia, head of the party’s culture department): “Dario Franceschini’s appointment to the Cultural Heritage ministry does not surprise us. When had he ever left the corridors of Mibac? Our line of opposition will be tough but fair, always defending the entertainment sector and our vision of valuing cultural heritage. The re-attribution of the delegation of tourism policy to the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities does not displease us, but we have goals of higher ambition for a crucial sector of our economy: with Fratelli d’Italia in the government of the Nation, in fact, the Ministry of Tourism will be established. In these 14 months of government we have recognized in Bonisoli a good person but politics, especially when it comes to culture, needs a vision.”

Vittorio Sgarbi (Mixed Group, member of the Culture Commission in the House): “It’s a beautiful twist of fate,” he also tells AgCult. “Now the issue of the counter-reform on cultural heritage opens up and there will be fun to be had. At the moment when the crisis broke out, instead of stopping all government activities, Bonisoli stubbornly went ahead with a reform that undoes many of the decisions that had been made by Franceschini. Who now returns to the ministry and will have to undo what Bonisoli did. In short, it is all very bizarre. But what is even more paradoxical is that Franceschini will now have to make a Leghist move: to restore theutonomy to museums abolished by Bonisoli’s centralism. We have the following picture: a Pd minister who will act as a Salvinian autonomist being in the meantime an ally of that M5S that was a proponent of the museum centralism to be eliminated. A real show all to savor.”

Franceschini again culture minister, here are the hot comments from politics
Franceschini again culture minister, here are the hot comments from politics

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