MiC lands on Spotify, with a podcast dedicated to the women who saved Italian art

The Ministry of Culture lands on Spotify and inaugurates its channel today with "Paladine," a podcast with Serena Dandini that takes the audience on a journey to discover the women who have safeguarded Italy's heritage.

The Ministry of Culture arrives on Spotify: in fact, the MiC channel on the popular music and podcast platform was launched just today. It starts with a female podcast series: it is Paladine, hosted by Serena Dandini, narrator of each episode. It is an unprecedented series that will take the audience to discover the extraordinary women protagonists who have safeguarded Italian heritage.

Produced in collaboration with Chora Media, the podcast is divided into eight episodes that tell as many stories of museologists, researchers, collectors and archaeologists who have fought to safeguard art and culture, marking forever the history of cultural heritage in Italy. The episodes feature well-educated, knowledgeable and passionate women, who are far from the stereotype of the “inspiring muse,” and whose adventurous stories bravely traversed the dark years of World War II.

The series, promoted by the General Directorate of Museums of the ministry led by Dario Franceschini, is now available for free online. Central to the first four episodes are the biographies of: Noemi Gabrielli, museologist and superintendent, historic director of the Sabauda Gallery; Fernanda Wittgens, the first female director of Brera, who saved the works from Nazi raids and bombings; Caterina Marcenaro, to whom we owe the reorganization of the Museums of Genoa, immediately after the end of the war; and Palma Bucarelli, a free and independent woman, but above all a celebrated director of the National Gallery of Modern Art in Rome.

“It is an unprecedented journey to discover the stories of the extraordinary protagonists who protected, studied, and enhanced Italy’s artistic and cultural heritage, with a tenacity and determination out of the ordinary for the time,” said Museums General Director Massimo Osanna. “Today their stories finally reach the general public as well.”

“That art history is full of female figures is certainly nothing new,” says Serena Dandini. “There is a bad habit, however, of tending to point to them as the source of artistic inspiration.... the source and inspiration for whom, sorry? Oh yeah, we the muses, they the creators. Here I want instead to tell another story, a story of professional achievement, courage, passion and tenacity in the name of art, its discovery, custody and promotion. Eight portraits of women who have lived fought for art and culture.”

Paladine’s episodes are available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Spreaker, Google Podcasts, and the ministry’s website. The first, second, third and fourth episodes are already on Spotify.

Pictured: Fernanda Wittgens

MiC lands on Spotify, with a podcast dedicated to the women who saved Italian art
MiC lands on Spotify, with a podcast dedicated to the women who saved Italian art