Gela, the Greek necropolis will be an open-air museum. Work started

Work has begun on the musealization of the Greek necropolis in Gela unearthed last year. Open Fiber will fully fund the work.

Last September a unique Greek necropolis, referable to the first founding settlers of Gela, had been discovered in Gela during the laying of fiber-optic cables; within it ten burials had been found that could be traced back to a children’s cemetery dating to around the sixth century B.C. In addition to the tombs, an altar for burial rites and elements of grave goods had been discovered.

Open Fiber had offered to help turn the necropolis on Di Bartolo Street into an open-air museum, and museum work began yesterday. These will be carried out and fully financed by Open Fiber and will include the preservation at the site of the unearthed finds, on which walkable glass will be placed. Educational, multimedia and traditional apparatuses will also be provided, as well as internal and external illumination of the excavation.

The work will be led by Caltanissetta Superintendent Daniela Vullo in collaboration with the Sicilian Region and the Municipality of Gela.

“Positive was the collaboration with Open Fiber,” said Daniela Vullo, “which has enthusiastically accepted the request to finance and carry out the musealization of the necropolis, confirming that it will fulfill the commitment made to the citizens of Gela to make the site usable. A decision that matured thanks also to the numerous pressures of the citizenship on the lack of visibility in situ of the numerous archaeological findings.”

“With the work of musealization of Gela,” intervened Councillor for Cultural Heritage and Sicilian Identity Alberto Samonà,“Sicily is expressed, in a literal sense, as an open-air museum. The necropolis of Gela, beyond its importance in historical terms, is of great value as an expression of public-private collaboration. The initiative, strongly desired by the Superintendent of Cultural Heritage of Catanissetta, Daniela Vullo, fully realizes the will of the regional government to make Sicily’s cultural heritage increasingly accessible and shared.”

Gela, the Greek necropolis will be an open-air museum. Work started
Gela, the Greek necropolis will be an open-air museum. Work started

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