Edoardo Tresoldi will create a permanent wire mesh colonnade in Reggio Calabria

Milanese artist Edoardo Tresoldi announces a new work: it is Opera, a large wire mesh colonnade that will see the light of day in September in Reggio Calabria.

Lombard artist Edoardo Tresoldi (Milan, 1987), known for his wire mesh installations that use the language of architecture as an expressive tool and key to interpreting place, announces a new work. It is Opera, a permanent public art installation that will rise in Reggio Calabria on the Falcomatà waterfront: the construction site has already started and the installation will be inaugurated in September.

It is Tresoldi’s second installation in Calabria after The Collector of Winds in Pizzo in 2013, and the second major permanent public artwork in Italy after the Basilica of Siponto in Puglia, commissioned by MiBACT in 2016. Work, the author makes known, was created to celebrate the contemplative relationship between place and human being through classical architectural language and the transparency of Absent Matter, expressed through wire mesh. The open architecture (which will consist of a colonnade of 46 columns reaching 8 meters in height within a 2,500-square-meter park) will effectively create a new monument that can be traversed and is fully usable by citizens and visitors. The installation, promoted and commissioned by the Municipality and the Metropolitan City, will fit within one of Europe’s largest public spaces and will be a new landmark in the area.

Tresoldi’s intent is to delineate a kind of imaginary space, a mental agora that transports visitors into a shifting perceptual dimension through plays of height and depth with the park. “Opera,” the artist explains, “was created to emphasize the character of the place through the built, thus proposing an additional key to its interpretation. I tried to create a place of contemplation and investigate the role of public art today, which I believe should be able to accommodate the present.”

Edoardo Tresoldi, an artist much loved by the public, plays with the transparency of wire mesh and industrial materials to transcend the space-time dimension and narrate a dialogue between Art and the World, a visual synthesis that reveals itself in the fading of physical limits. He has been making environmental installations since 2013, focusing his research on the study of landscape languages. His works have been presented in public spaces, archaeological contexts, art parks, festivals and exhibitions around the world. The aforementioned Basilica of Siponto was awarded the Gold Medal for Italian Architecture 2018 - Special Award to the Client, given by the Milan Triennale.

Pictured is the Basilica of Siponto by Edoardo Tresoldi. Ph. Credit Roberto Conte

Edoardo Tresoldi will create a permanent wire mesh colonnade in Reggio Calabria
Edoardo Tresoldi will create a permanent wire mesh colonnade in Reggio Calabria

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