Milan, at Meme Gallery an all-ceramic birthday party

To celebrate its third birthday, Meme Gallery in Milan is exhibiting, starting Oct. 27, Giorgio Di Palma's "Birthday Party," a work that recreates, precisely, a birthday party entirely in ceramic.

An all-ceramic birthday party to wish happy birthday to Meme Gallery!, the creative lab of Milan’s historic Frutteto Garibaldi, which celebrates its three-year anniversary today. To celebrate the anniversary, Meme Gallery has chosen to exhibit, from Oct. 27 to Dec. 22, the installation Birthday Party by Giorgio Di Palma (Grottaglie, 1981), an artist from Taranto known for his anti-functional ceramics. Birthday Party, conceived with the Pigment collective from Bari, after being exhibited at the Pino Pascali Museum in Polignano and then in Massa at the Guadagnucci Museum on the occasion of the All inclusive exhibition, is now being shown for the first time in a private space.

The exhibition intends to celebrate the eternity of art by transforming our consumer goods into aesthetic and decorative objects through the delicate elegance of ceramics. On the two floors of the gallery, the public will find milk sandwiches, popcorn, soda pop, streamers, little flags, gifts, shoes, iconic orange balls. All molded in clay. The installation is a eulogy to past birthdays with a 1970s-1980s aura.

“The objects presented by the ceramist in the installation on the main floor of the gallery,” writes Elisa Carassai in the text accompanying the exhibition, “are linked to memories that inhabited our lives in a playful and childlike past season: there are milk sandwiches, popcorn, fizzy drinks, sandwiches, panzerotti, mozzarella braids, cakes, chips and tarallucci, trumpet caps, streamers, flags, gifts and more. Consumer goods that through ceramics lose their utilitarian function becoming objects that crystallize temporal memories. Abstract goods that are part of a collective ritual linked to the production of memory and happiness shared through moments spent together. A real celebration, a collection of shapes and colors and unique objects, The Birthday Party allows us to travel as a child travels, in circles and back home again, to a place where we know we have been loved.”

The exhibition continues downstairs in the gallery where the audience is awaited by another intimate and distinctive place from the past: the cellar. On metal structures, there are arranged, with romantic disorder, full-size reproductions of everyday ceramic objects, objects devoid of functionality but loaded with aesthetic, conceptual and emotional meaning, as Di Palma says: “ceramics that were not needed.”

All information can be found on the Meme Gallery website.

Milan, at Meme Gallery an all-ceramic birthday party
Milan, at Meme Gallery an all-ceramic birthday party

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