Children's Rights Day: three dedicated days in Rome and Italian monuments are colored green

On International Day for the Rights of the Child and Adolescent, monuments throughout Italy are being colored green and Rome is dedicating three days to children.

On the occasion of the International Day for the Rights of the Child and Adolescent, on Friday, November 20, 2020, many monuments will be illuminated in green, accepting the proposal of the National Council of the Order of Psychologists, which has invited all municipalities in Italy to illuminate the most significant places in green. Green in fact recalls the concept of vitality.

The Capitoline Superintendence for Cultural Heritage is also organizing three days dedicated to childhood: from November 20 to 22 the appointment is online for Io cittadino. Children’s word on their rights: from fairy tales read in archaeological contexts to interactive games and quizzes. The initiative is part of Romarama and an opportunity to focus on the main rights of children around the world: play and recreation in a shared learning context. By visiting the facebook pages of the Superintendency and the museums, it will be possible to discover the Capitoline heritage in an interactive way, listening to fairy tales, participating live in a goose game on the footsteps of the Garibaldini, watching a video by the Museum of the Pleistocene and having fun with quizzes and games on the Napoleonic Code.

Following is the program

Nov. 20-21-22 - Museum of the Roman Republic and Garibaldian Memory - 5 p.m.
Goose game in the footsteps of the Garibaldians
A real goose game with a Garibaldian and Risorgimento theme, in which the stops are the sites of the Janiculum, to help children develop awareness of their rights, starting with events and characters from the Roman Republic. The right to play through a fun and instructive journey through our history and memory. Organized by Universal Civil Service; Shifts of 4 participants, for children ages 11 to 13. Reservations required.

Nov. 21 - 22 - Villa of Maxentius
Beginning Saturday, Nov. 21, on the Facebook page of the Museum of the Villa of Maxentius, it will be possible to explore the Villa of Maxentius from a distance through a short narrative of text and images and to listen to one of Gianni Rodari’s Alice Cascherina stories from the collection Fables on the Phone, from the voice of Michela Cesaretti. From home, the children, stimulated by the narratives, will be able to become the authors by telling and/or representing their own value system, through the production of drawings and the creation of new stories that will be posted on the facebook page of the Museum of the Villa of Maxentius. Readings curated by Michela Cesaretti

Nov. 20-21-22 - Casal de’ Pazzi Museum
The UN Charter on the Rights of the Child and Adolescent establishes a number of children’s rights, among them: the right to life, health, ’education and play, as well as the right to family, protection from violence, non-discrimination and listening to their opinion; especially to food, which even for Neanderthal children was of primary importance. They fulfilled that right by seeking food in nature. Children will be able to learn what it means to gather for “groceries” through a video of a playful activity of gathering fruits from the Museum’s Pleistocene garden: olives, hazelnuts and strawberry trees. Edited by the Casal de’ Pazzi Museum staff.

Nov. 20-21-22 - Napoleonic Museum
A playful-educational online proposal for children/youth ages 8 to 13 to explore the figure of Napoleon, his role as legislator and promoter of civil law, education and public education, his famous “Code Napoleon.” All this, in the best way ever: by playing. Edited by Laura Panarese

Nov. 20-21-22
Play and discover: children’s rights in our museums
Embark on a journey through history and art to discover your rights on education and upbringing! You’ll explore some of the works and click on colored bubbles to find historical facts and trivia.

Activities are free with free participation, except for the Goose Game (reservations required. For info and reservations 060608 (daily from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Children's Rights Day: three dedicated days in Rome and Italian monuments are colored green
Children's Rights Day: three dedicated days in Rome and Italian monuments are colored green

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