Hitler vs. Picasso and others: March 13 and 14 in Italian cinemas

The world premiere of the documentary film Hitler v. Picasso and the Others will be shown in Italy on March 13 and 14. The Nazi Obsession with Art.

On March 13 and 14, the world premiere of"Hitler v. Picasso and the Others. The Nazi Obsession with Art," the documentary-event that will introduce viewers to the Gurlitt Dossier, archival materials and secret treasures of the Führer and Goering.

The film, directed by Claudio Poli and produced by 3D Productions and Nexo Digital, will recount between Paris, New York, Holland and Germany firsthand accounts of some of the stories that began 80 years ago when the Nazi regime banned so-called"degenerate art" resulting in the raiding of museums in occupied territories and the homes of collectors and Jews of masterpieces destined to occupy the spaces of what Hitler envisioned as the Louvre in Linz and Carinhall, Goering’s private residence.
Among the artists to be banned were Max Beckmann, Paul Klee, Oskar Kokoschka, Otto Dix, and Marc Chagall.

Four major exhibitions in recent months have focused on stolen art, the protagonists of those years, the latest restitutions, and archival materials.

Starting with the Paris exhibition"21 rue La Boétie," which exhibited part of Paul Rosenberg’s collection, a precious recovered heritage, the documentary moves on to"Looted Art," the Deventer exhibition in the Netherlands that displayed paintings from Dutch state deposits and collections looted by the Nazis. Finally, we move on to"Dossier Gurlitt," the double exhibition in Bern and Bonn showing for the first time the secret collection of Cornelius Gurlitt, the son of one of the collectors and art dealers who collaborated with the Nazis, who was stopped by customs police on a train to Munich in 2010.

The documentary film stars Simon Goodman, Edgar Feuchtwanger, Tom Selldorff with contributions from art historians, journalists, exhibition curators, historians and writers. Also noted is the extraordinary participation of Toni Servillo, and the soundtrack is by Remo Anzovino.

“Hitler v. Picasso and the Others. The Nazi Obsession with Art” is distributed in Italy as part of La Grande Arte al Cinema.

Image: Liberation of Berchtesgaden and recovery of the Goering collection by the 101st Airborne Division. Courtesy of National Archives & Record Administration

Hitler vs. Picasso and others: March 13 and 14 in Italian cinemas
Hitler vs. Picasso and others: March 13 and 14 in Italian cinemas

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