Immersive experience on Vincent van Gogh arrives in Naples.

The immersive experience on Vincent van Gogh is also coming to Naples: 3D video mapping to enter the works of the Dutch artist.

If you have always wanted to get inside a painting, perhaps by Vincent Van Gogh, from next November you will have a good chance to do so. In Naples, in fact, comes "Van Gogh-The Immersive Experience, " a multimedia show dedicated to the Dutch painter and possible thanks to an innovative 3D mapping projection system.

Produced and distributed internationally by Exhibition Hub and Next Exhibition, this particular event will be held from Nov. 18, 2017 to Feb. 25, 2018 at the Basilica of San Giovanni Maggiore: the interior of the building will be revolutionized by mounting large screens that, thanks to ultra-high-definition video projectors, will make it possible for the paintings to come to life by engaging and embracing the audience in 360 degrees.

Every surface will become art: walls, columns, ceilings, floors and even the altar of the Basilica, which will be colored in Van Gogh’s most beloved hues. The journey will last over an hour, in which it will be possible to enjoy the art from different points of view, standing or lying on the ground: the viewer becomes the protagonist of the work, expanding his or her senses to waves of images and sounds, intense and beautiful. And the show will involve not only sight, but also hearing, with a soundtrack accompanying the visitor on his or her journey.

Presales begin tomorrow, Oct. 27, on the Ticket One website at the price of €12 for full tickets and €10 for reduced tickets.
For those who buy until November 17, 2 people pay €19 instead of €24.

Immersive experience on Vincent van Gogh arrives in Naples.
Immersive experience on Vincent van Gogh arrives in Naples.

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