On tour in Bologna, the lamp that will go out when world poverty ends

From January 24-26, 2020, the first datapoietic work that will go off when world poverty ends comes to Bologna.

From January 24 to 26, 2020, Obiettivo, the first datapoietic artwork powered by big data and artificial intelligence, will stop in Bologna during Art City. In fact, a data sculpture will be placed in the former church San Pietro Martire that will light up according to how people enter and exit the state of extreme poverty in the world: data and computation become a tool to know and understand the great complex issues of the planet, such as poverty, change, energy, migration, health, education, and can be introduced into urban public space.

It is therefore a datapoietic object, around which people can gather to engage with complex phenomena.

In Bologna, on the occasion of Obiettivo Bologna. Datapoiesis in the cities: exhibition, panel, urban path dedicated to the marriage of art, science and technologies, the ritual already experienced in Turin will be repeated to explore new forms of connection and empathy thanks to which to live within globalization.

Authors of the work are Salvatore Iaconesi and Oriana Persico, founders of AOS - Art is Open Source and the research center HER - Human Ecosystems Relations.

The heart of the event of art+b=love(?) on tour in collaboration with Maison Ventidue will be on Friday, January 24, when an urban walk will take the public on an unprecedented discovery of the city with a special edition of Gira la Cartolina, curated by Piazza Grande: a walk led by homeless people from the entrance of Sala Borsa to the Ex Chiesa San Pietro Martire. The walk will end with a datapoietic ritual: gathered around the work, participants will listen to the data of poverty in the world transformed into sounds and accompanied by the performance of Salvatore Iaconesi who, by means of texts and visualizations, will discuss the history of poverty.

In addition, the Kilowatt Spaces at the Greenhouses of Giardini Margherita will host a meeting on the theme of Datapoiesis in the city. Bologna, data, urban welfare, thanks to different projects united by the ability to bring data into public space and create processes of citizen activation.

The exhibition and panel are free events open to the public. The Turn the Postcard walks are by reservation by Jan. 22.

For info: www.Datapoiesis.com

On tour in Bologna, the lamp that will go out when world poverty ends
On tour in Bologna, the lamp that will go out when world poverty ends

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