An exhibition-installation in Palermo featuring works made from recycled plastic

In Palermo from Oct. 3 to Nov. 2, 2018, the exhibition 'Plastic - Recycling, Shapes, Color' is on display, showcasing works made from recycled plastic.

The exhibition-installation Plastic - Recycling, Shapes, Color is being held in Palermo until Nov. 2 at theArsenal of the Royal Navy. The purpose of the event is to display works of art made with recycled plastic, showing that it is possible to put art at the service of the environment with recycled materials.
The works on display are all made by Maria Badalamenti, known as Vittor, including “jewels” (a series of mini sculptures of about 30 centimeters), “a waterfall of jellyfish” and "musical notes, " to name a few.

“The project was born out of the need to do something useful for our planet,” Vittor declared to the microphones of Adnkronos. “The idea grew strong inside me after my daughter saw a documentary about plastic islands and said, ’Mom, please, let’s do something to save our sea.’ Indeed, this project is dedicated to future generations, to instill in them values such as respecting the environment where they live. Raising awareness of recycling, making them discover that things that are thrown away, often polluting, can take new form and new life.”

“Each of us,” the artist continues, “must do our part. One enters this exhibition space with the feeling of being in the middle of the sea-I have designed the installation in such a way that it can lead the viewer to reflect, to become aware of the many harms that plastic causes. It is essential to value the sea as a fundamental resource.”

The artist went on to explain how he made the exhibits: “All the elements that make up the exhibition, including the tubes that hold the mini sculptures, were made from recycled material. For two years, students from a local middle school collected shampoo bottles, shower gel and conditioner. It took about 650 for the ’mother angel’: the plastic pieces, then cut out and assembled, were used as mosaic tiles. Here, I think this is the most interesting part of the project, which is the behind-the-scenes, the great movement behind it, the participation of so many people. And the demonstration of great commitment. Everything can be reborn to new life,” concludes the Sicilian artist.

Also planned for mid-month is a workshop for children consisting of collecting plastic with which to build a sculpture to take back to school.

Pictured: Woman child, plastic sculpture by Vittor

Source: AdnKronos

An exhibition-installation in Palermo featuring works made from recycled plastic
An exhibition-installation in Palermo featuring works made from recycled plastic

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