China's colors between art and crafts on display in Venice, at Palazzo Dolfin Gabrieli

In conjunction with the 58th. Art Biennale 2019 and thanks to the Cultural Sponsorship of the Venice Academy of Fine Arts, the FujianCalligraphersAssociation, the Fujian Artists Association, and the Fujian Center for Literary and Artistic Exchanges, Palazzo Dolfin Gabrieli is hosting the exhibitionCHINA TECHNE - A taste of colors from China, an exhibition that, conceiving alternative viewpoints by de-naturalizing the usual established production and factual concepts, works on the dynamics of historical manual processes employed over the centuries to constitute some specific works of art.

Chinese Art is based on techne, a Greek term used as the equivalent of “art” in the sense of “expertise,” “knowing how to do,” “knowing how to operate,” and is the set of rules applied and followed in an activity, whether it is exclusively intellectual or even manual. And it is from the middle of the nineteenth century that the use of techniques and materials, and their relation to the meaning and poetics of the work of art, undergoes a upheaval equal to that which occurred in the Renaissance; the birth of the figure of the modern artist and oil painting on canvas, recast the conception of the time of artistic work. From this moment theoretical and pragmatic reflection on techniques and materials becomes enclosed within the paths of individual artists. In the twentieth century, the conceptual idea and project prevails.

CHINA TECHNE - A Taste of Colors from China occupies the interstitial territory between contemporary art and high craftsmanship, between manual knowledge and conceptual rigor, between tradition and innovation. It aims to propose new practices of using Contemporary Art: production, reuse, restitution, memory, materials, techniques. The exhibition consists of 3 sections that punctuate the narrative. From the central hall, where two large screens are positioned to narrate the techniques and poetics of the artists in the exhibition, the exhibition route is accessed. First section: paintings and installations executed with the ancient and skillful lacquer technique. Second section: wall works executed in ink. Third section: paintings and structures interpreted with mix media materials.

The concept of habitation of the works and artifacts offered at the exhibition site, create a continuous tension between object and space, between outside and inside, between the ancient womb of the city of Venice, a treasure chest of history, and the multicultural and transdisciplinary audience that transits Venice during the Biennale. The sense is to restore a renewed meaning to things, to open new paths and new scenarios between China and Italy. A bridge between East and West with a great collective and participatory attitude aimed at visually reconstructing some still little-known corners of Chinese art.

The exhibition opens from August 30 to November 24, 2019.

Pictured: Wu Shufang, Lacquer

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China's colors between art and crafts on display in Venice, at Palazzo Dolfin Gabrieli
China's colors between art and crafts on display in Venice, at Palazzo Dolfin Gabrieli

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