From Marina Abramovic to Mario Merz, Parma hosts exhibition The Third Day

Parma's Palazzo del Governatore hosts the exhibition 'The Third Day' from April 20 to July 1 with works by Abramovic, Merz, Burgert, Salgado, Zorio and many others.

From April 20 to July 1, the Palazzo del Governatore in the heart of Parma will mount "The Third Day," an exhibition reflecting on the themes of the environment, sustainability and the human-nature relationship.
Curated by Didi Bozzini, “The Third Day” is the first exhibition in Italy with a “pro-benefit” approach: 50 percent of the box office receipts will be returned to the City of Parma, which will finance the “Green Km,” an environmental sustainability project.
The name of the exhibition takes its cue from the book of Genesis: "On the third day God said, ’Let the earth bring forth shoots, herbs that produce seed, and fruit trees, that they may bear fruit on the earth with the seed, each according to his kind.’ And so it came to pass" (Genesis 1:3).

The exhibition, in fact, takes the viewer through a cathartic journey that begins with The Third Day of Genesis, the birth of nature and plant species, through creation, destruction, overcoming, nihilism, to a return to nature, in a palingenetic trend on the wave of sensation.
The exhibition consists of photographic images, installations, works created in situ and paintings, involving internationally renowned artists ranging from arte povera to art photography, from performance art to sound installations.
Marina Abramović, Mario Merz, Gilberto Zorio, Gabriele Basilico, Jonas Burgert, Sebastião Salgado, Mario Giacomelli, Gavin Turk, John Isaacs, and Jane Alexander are just some of the names that will guide the viewer through the narrative.
Opening hours: Wednesday and Thursday from 12 to 8 p.m., Friday from 12 to 11 p.m., Saturday, Sunday and holidays from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. Closed Monday and Tuesday. Ticket service and access to the exhibition ends one hour before closing time.
Ticket price: full 9 €, reduced 6 €.

From Marina Abramovic to Mario Merz, Parma hosts exhibition The Third Day
From Marina Abramovic to Mario Merz, Parma hosts exhibition The Third Day

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