In Milan, La continuazione degli occhi, a solo exhibition by Nicolò Cecchella at the Artcurial headquarters

From Jan. 11 to Feb. 2, 2024, in Milan, the Italian branch of the auction house Artcurial is hosting the solo exhibition "La continuazione degli occhi" by Nicolò Cecchella (1985): showcasing an important nucleus of works to address the central issues of the Emilian artist's research.

In Milan, the Italian branch of the well-known auction house Artcurial hosts, from January 11 to February 2, 2024, the exhibition La continuazione degli occhi, a solo show by Nicolò Cecchella (Guastalla, 1985) curated by Andrea Tinterri and Luca Zuccala. The exhibition presents the fundamental themes of the artist’s research through a body of works dedicated to the concepts of space, time and light: these elements are placed in direct relationship with the body, the gaze and matter.

The aim of the exhibition is to address, through the core of selected works, the central question of Cecchella’s research, namely how the visible, what we see, is able to transform not only our perception of reality but also reality itself. Cecchella also questions how our body, and the body of the beholder, relate to the transformative power of the objects of vision, as well as what we are left with of the vision itself. The answer to these questions is proposed through a path of works made from a variety of materials, from the most precious and ancient to the most organic and close to the earth through chemical and synthetic ones, all in a wide variety of media: there are sculptures, photographs, videos, drawings in the exhibition.

According to the artist, the answer to the questions that concern his research cannot be univocal but is inevitably “open,” and exposed to continuous changes in the perspective of observation, thus generating a process of assimilation and overcoming that, Cecchella argues, ends up provoking and transforming the eye of the beholder, reconfiguring the perspective of vision.

“From a given point forward, we are,” declares the artist himself. And with this being, totally exposed, we come into contact and relationship."

The exhibition is accompanied by a publication printed in 100 copies with critical texts by Andrea Cortellessa, Chiara Portesine, Victor I. Stoichita, Mauro Zanchi and a conversation between the artist and Andrea Tinterri.

Notes on the artist

Nicolò Cecchella, born in Guastalla in 1985, currently lives between Reggio Emilia and Rome. His research addresses the dynamics of representation by declining them through the themes of identity, the body and human presence, investigating the relationship that this assumes with the environment that surrounds it and combining it with the natural and organic dimension in which it is inserted. Her artistic practice is carried out through the interaction of different languages and techniques: sculpture, photography, video, installation.

He participated in the exhibitions: Relazioni (im)possibili. Il fil rouge da Piero Manzoni a oggi, curated by Demis Martinelli and Rosalia Pasqualino di Marineo (critical text by Giorgio Verzotti), Soncino, Cremona, 2023; Una sola traccia opposta alla luce, curated by Lara Conte, Cardelli and Fontana, Opificio Vaccari, Sarzana, 2022; Trees and Leaves, curated by Paola Stacchini Cavazza and Mario Peliti, Galleria del Cembalo, Palazzo Borghese, Rome, 2021/2022; Things that Happen, curated by Lido Contemporaneo, Artcurial Italie, Milan 2022; Verde Brillante, curated by Leonardo Regano, Galleria Antonio Verolino, Modena, 2022; Una stanza tutta per sé, curated by Ilaria Mariotti and Pietro Gaglianò, Galleria Passaggi, Pisa, 2022.

Cecchella was also awarded the NEXT Award for Theatre - Regione Lombardia 2016 and Portfolio Europa, Festival Fotografia Europea 2013. For La Triennale Milano CRT Teatro dell’Arte, he curated the set design of the play Mi richordo anchora, 2016. He is a founding member of the Teatro Sociale di Gualtieri. Nicolò Cecchella’s works are in public and private collections including Galleria del Cembalo, Palazzo Borghese, Rome; GAM Turin, Galleria Civica d’Arte Moderna e Contemporanea.

Pictured below is the exhibition layout.

In Milan, La continuazione degli occhi, a solo exhibition by Nicolò Cecchella at the Artcurial headquarters
In Milan, La continuazione degli occhi, a solo exhibition by Nicolò Cecchella at the Artcurial headquarters

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