Lajatico pays tribute to Gillo Dorfles artist

An exhibition-tribute pays tribute to artist Gillo Dorfles in Lajatico, the town where the intellectual lived for more than eighty years in his villa.

Lajatico pays tribute to Gillo Dorfles, unforgettable 20th-century intellectual and artist who passed away a few months ago, with an exhibition-tribute on the occasion of the 13th edition of the ArtInsolite art review.
Gillo Dorfles spent more than eighty years of his life right in Lajatico, in his villa surrounded by nature.

Until September 9, 2018, the exhibition-tribute"The Secret Artist. Works from 1937 to 2016," curated by Carlo Alberto Arzelà, presents the artistic production of Gillo Dorfles, very close to Klee and Kandinsky, in which the power of color plays a significant role. Also with regard to ceramic production, which has always been the focus of his interest.

Within the exhibition are intimate portraits of Dorfles in Lajatico made by Aurelio Amendola and Mario Mulas.

In addition, installations placed in the village made by Gualtiero Vanelli (Robot City-Italian Art Factory), Aurelio Amendola, Mario Mulas, Giannoni&Santoni, Lunart, Gianni Lucchesi, Barbara Cardini, Paolo Fiorellini, Caterina Sbrana and Gabriele Mallegni of Studio 17, Alessandro Squilloni and Maria Luisa Squarcialupi pay tribute to him.

Lajatico pays tribute to Gillo Dorfles artist
Lajatico pays tribute to Gillo Dorfles artist

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