Palazzo dei Diamanti prepares for a new exhibition: starring De Nittis

From December 1, 2019 to April 13, 2020, Palazzo dei Diamanti in Ferrara is dedicating an exhibition to Giuseppe De Nittis.

Palazzo dei Diamanti is dedicating an exhibition to Giuseppe De Nittis (Barletta, 1846 - Saint-Germain-en-Laye, 1884), among the protagonists together with Boldini of the Parisian scene at the end of the 19th century. The exhibition, titled De Nittis and the Revolution of the Gaze, will be open to the public from December 1, 2019, to April 13, 2020, and aims to reread De Nittis’s artistic activity by analyzing his production from a formal and technical point of view for the first time to highlight his personal response to the poetics of modernity.

An avant-garde interpreter of the verista school of southern Italy, the artist was fully part of the Parisian innovators with whom he shared an interest in photography and Japanese art.

Throughout his career, he depicted the landscapes of his homeland, as well as those of France and Britain; he put on canvas the changes his era was experiencing: changing cities, the sights of high society, and life flowing fast on the boulevards. With his move to Paris in 1868, De Nittis became acquainted with the patronage of great collectors and French artists, including Degas, Caillebotte, Manet, and Monet.

The exhibition will proceed chronologically and thematically, thanks in part to the accompaniment of some words that were dedicated to him by critics contemporary with him. Among them, the most illustrative definition is that of Vittorio Pica: “southern in the south, French in Paris and Londoner in London.”

Among the works on display are Breakfast in the Garden (1884), The Races at Auteuil - Beside the Stove (1880-81), Léontine in a Dinghy (1874), Effect of Snow (c. 1880), and The Drawing Room of Princess Mathilde (1883), most of which come from the Giuseppe De Nittis Picture Gallery in Barletta.

The exhibition, organized in collaboration with the City of Barletta, is curated by Maria Luisa Pacelli (director of the Ferrara Galleries of Modern and Contemporary Art), Barbara Guidi (chief curator of the Ferrara Galleries of Modern and Contemporary Art) and Hélène Pinet (former head of the photography collections and research service at the Musée Rodin in Paris). The exhibition will be accompanied by an illustrated catalog that, thanks to the input of scholars, will delve into a number of as-yet little-researched topics such as the relationship between the artist and coeval photography, the interaction with the market dynamics that marked the fin-de-siècle, the techniques used by the artist and the decisive role of his wife Léontine in the painter’s career.

For info:

Hours: Daily from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Tickets with audioguide included: Full 13 euros, reduced 11 euros. Free for children under 6.

Image: Giuseppe De Nittis, Breakfast in the Garden (1884; Barletta, Pinacoteca Giuseppe De Nittis)

Palazzo dei Diamanti prepares for a new exhibition: starring De Nittis
Palazzo dei Diamanti prepares for a new exhibition: starring De Nittis

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