This is what Achille Lauro's exhibition at Mudec in Milan looks like. A 22-meter wunderkammer

Until Oct. 10, Mudec in Milan is hosting the exhibition "Achille Lauro's Chamber of Wonders," a wunderkammer that chronicles the musician's world.

Achille Lauro, the simultaneously most acclaimed and discussed musician of the moment, is the protagonist of an exhibition at Mudec in Milan: Achille Lauro’s Chamber of Wonders, a sort of wunderkammer of the artist that the public has the opportunity to see from September 23 until October 10, 2021 at the Museo delle Culture. The exhibition is organized on the occasion of the release of the photographic book Achille Lauro published by 24 ORE Cultura. Achille Lauro’s wunderkammer is a twenty-two-meter gallery that, in the polylobed showcases of Mudec’s Agora, hosts for 18 days Gucci’s clothes made by Creative Director Alessandro Michele and worn by Achille Lauro in his artistic performances at Sanremo 2020 and Sanremo 2021, along with many other backstage curiosities. All under the banner of the union of fashion and wonder: on the one hand, Lauro De Marinis’ Chamber of Wonders (this is Achille Lauro’s real name), and on the other, the older ones housed in the museum’s permanent collection, such as Manfredo Settala’s 18th-century Wunderkammer.

In addition to clothes, instruments, rods, guitars, iconic clothes, and even coffee cups smeared with lipstick, crumpled water bottles, diaries, notes, makeup, wigs, and contraptions with fake blood parade in the Agora’s showcases. The exhibition aims to chronicle the creative process of the artist and his team, peeking into the moments when the art came to life. The world before the unexpected of the stage thus resumes its form and is exposed, becoming an integral part of the artist’s performances.

The exhibition at Mudec was conceived to accompany the September 23 release in bookstores of the photographic volumeAchilleLauro, the first major anthology of images designed not only for fans but also for all lovers of fashion, art and pop culture. Produced in close collaboration with the artist, the volume aims to celebrate his figure by analyzing his style, videos and performances, up to the provocative “pictures” brought on stage in the last Sanremo Festival. The MUDEC installation is a kind of 3D explosion of the book, a visual experience to support the presentation and promotion of the volume, an all-round event that uses all artistic media.

For all information you can visit the Mudec website.

Image: Achille Lauro’s wunderkammer. Photo by Jule Hering.

This is what Achille Lauro's exhibition at Mudec in Milan looks like. A 22-meter wunderkammer
This is what Achille Lauro's exhibition at Mudec in Milan looks like. A 22-meter wunderkammer

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