Nov. 3-9 auctions: paintings, sticks, clocks and more

As we do every Wednesday, here is our roundup of the week's auctions: bidding from November 3 to 9, 2021.

Today, in our regular auction column, we will find out the best deals from this early November.

Three auctions at Pandolfini on the day of November 9: Old Master Paintings, Paintings of the 19th Century. Selected Works from a Private Collection, and Paintings and Sculptures of the European 19th Century.

Two auctions at Wannenes on the Nov. 9 day: Italian Design. Another Look and JSA: Art Textiles: a Private Collection.

At Farsetti ’s is the Paintings, Icons and Furniture auction, which offers artworks and antiques for sale from Nov. 8 to 16.

At Cambi ’s is the Collectible Sticks auction that sells, precisely, sticks. The auction is held online only from Nov. 4 to 18.

Six auctions at Christie’s: Nov. 6 is Only Watch; Nov. 7 is Fine and Rare Wines and Spirits; Nov. 8 is Rare Watches; and Nov. 9 is Geneva Magnificent Jewles, Photographies, and 21st Century Evening Sales.

Three auctions at Sotheby’s: today is Important Chinese Art; tomorrow will be Collection Dorothée Lalanne | Claude & François-Xavier Lalanne and Two Americans in Paris, The Collection of Sam and Myrna Myers.

Pictured: Marco Ricci, Architecture with classical sculptures and figures, oil on paper applied to faesite, for sale at Pandolfini’s

Nov. 3-9 auctions: paintings, sticks, clocks and more
Nov. 3-9 auctions: paintings, sticks, clocks and more

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