A cosmetics influencer is now coming to the museum. With stops in three cities

The "influencers in museums" chapter is expanding, and now three institutes (Ancona's Museo Omero, Taranto's National Archaeological Museum and Matera's MUSMA) are hosting a tour by a cosmetics nfluencer, Cynical Beautician. She will introduce the museums and sell her products.

Three stops at three museums, namely the Omero State Tactile Museum in Ancona, the National Archaeological Museum in Taranto and the Museum of Contemporary Sculpture (MUSMA) in Matera, for the Beauties at the Museum tour featuring a cosmetics influencer as well as beauty industry entrepreneur, Estetista Cinica (aka Cristina Fogazzi), creator of a line of products and famous thanks to her social accounts, in particular her Instagram profile that gathers more than 800,000 followers interested in all things cosmetics-related.

The project aims to introduce the three cultural venues to the fans and followers of her social accounts, for whom 500 admissions to each museum will be raffled, and in addition, since admission to the Omero Museum in Ancona is already free in itself, a donation will also be given to this institution for the Associazione Per il Museo Tattile Statale Omero ODV- ONLUS, which supports its activities. Of course, the aim will also be to publicize the products of “l’Estetista Cinica,” since at each stop anyone who wants to can buy cosmetics, get a face and body consultation with the experts who will join Fogazzi on the tour, and receive gadgets targeti “Estetista Cinica.” The tour stops in Ancona on June 26 and 27, Taranto on July 3 and 4, and Matera on July 10 and 11.

“We tour the squares like modern peddlers,” Fogazzi declares. “Did the knife-grinder’s van pass by your place? Here I wanted a version: Women the cynical beautician has arrived: cellulite, pimples, enlarged pores.” “Placers in a modern, social version,” writes the press office of the National Archaeological Museum of Taranto in a note, “who have decided to invest in their idea of restarting and beauty, combining business with the promotion of the territory and culture.”

“We talk to women about a museum that tells so much about women,” says the director of the National Archaeological Museum of Taranto, Eva Degl’Innocenti, “and we do it in the style of Opaka Sabaleida, whose wonderful gold trousseau we still preserve. Because beauty is engaging, as is good taste, care of the body and spirit, and beauty has a multiplier effect that can turn into promotion but also into opportunities for territorial development. After a difficult year, we all need art and beauty. And Taranto and its National Archaeological Museum have a lot of it to make known to the world.”

Pictured is the Cynical Beautician’s van.

A cosmetics influencer is now coming to the museum. With stops in three cities
A cosmetics influencer is now coming to the museum. With stops in three cities

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