Florence, from the window of the Marino Marini Museum you can see... Venice

At the Marino Marini Museum in Florence, a virtual window created by Anotherview Collective transports the public directly to the Grand Canal in Venice. Art Gate is the winning project of the Playable Museum Award.

From Saturday, September 3, 2022, visitors to the Marino Marini Museum in Florence will find on the ground floor Art Gate, the winning project of the third edition of the Playable Museum Award, a call for ideas addressed to architects, designers, developers, makers, artists, storytellers, visionaries and creatives from all fields that invited people to think about and realize the Museum of the Future. A virtual window, a gap in space-time between the cities of Florence and Venice, united by the work of Marino Marini. Conceived and realized by Anotherview Collective, an international collective of artists and designers, Art Gate transports the public directly to the Grand Canal in Venice to admire, in a view synchronized with real time and created thanks to the most advanced 8k technologies, the work The Angel of the City, created by Marini himself and placed at the entrance to the Peggy Guggenheim Collection.

Anotherview creates “digital nomadic windows,” each telling the story of a day in a different place in the world. Anotherview ’s windows have been shown at international fairs and exhibitions, such as Art Basel Design Miami in Miami and Basel, PAD London, and Jingart in China.

“Since 2016, our studio has been building interactive panels and windows,” says Marco Tabasso of the collective, “that project viewers to another place. These installations narrate the life of a day somewhere in the world, in what is a hybrid of art and design. The window, understood as a structure, is an element that acts as a filter between public and private life, allows us to look outside, imagining everyday scenes, places and people, and is even able to influence our mood through what we observe. We started from this concept to have the visitor be projected into an elsewhere, with the possibility of witnessing for an entire day the life that is taking place in a city hundreds of kilometers away from the one in which he or she is located. In this way, the room that houses the installation is transformed into a metaphysical place.”

“The installation also has an archival value, because it crystallizes a specific moment of life that is taking place in another place, which perhaps in a few decades will be profoundly different from how we see it today. This is very important, especially to preserve the memory of specific areas of the world that are in danger of disappearing,” Tabasso explains.

The goal of the Playable Museum Award, an initiative launched by the Marino Marini Museum, is to revolutionize the connection between people, works and the museum institution through technology, innovation and with an eye on the digital world. Up for grabs each year is a 10,000-euro grant, as well as support for the development of the idea.

“We were won over by this proposal that combines technology and imagination,” commented Patrizia Asproni, president of the Marino Marini Museum. “Art Gate, like the Stargate in the famous film, provides access to another place, another dimension. It is a window that in an alienating way instantly connects two different points in space-time. In a world that is moving to the Metaverse, it is the gateway that allows one to observe the otherwhen.”

Currently, the new call for 2022 is already active: participation is open and the only limit is imagination. To nominate your idea, simply join the call on the museum’s website. There is time until October 31, 2022.

For info www.museomarinomarini.it/playable

Florence, from the window of the Marino Marini Museum you can see... Venice
Florence, from the window of the Marino Marini Museum you can see... Venice

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