Inaugurated at the Reggia di Caserta the Vanvitelli Rooms dedicated to its famous architect

Opened at the Royal Palace of Caserta are the Vanvitelli Rooms, an exhibition itinerary in the Royal Apartments dedicated to the architect who disappeared on March 1, 250 years ago.

The Royal Palace of Caserta has inaugurated the Vanvitelli Rooms, the exhibition itinerary in the Royal Apartments of the Royal Palace dedicated to thearchitect who, precisely on March 1 250 years ago, died. The permanent exhibition is part of the project 1773-2023 Luigi Vanvitelli the Master and his Legacy, promoted and supported by the Royal Palace Museum of Caserta, in collaboration with the Municipality of Caserta.

The rooms, back rooms of the Hall of the Body Guards of the Royal Palace, can now always be visited to learn about the work of Luigi Vanvitelli. The itinerary aims to celebrate the legacy, material and immaterial, of the Master as a genius of the Italian and European 18th century through the enhancement of some assets of the collections of the Royal Palace of Caserta and the digital language that will allow the understanding of more complex content.

“Paying tribute to Luigi Vanvitelli on the occasion of the 250th anniversary of his death is fitting,” said director Tiziana Maffei. “The annual program of celebrations supports three lines of action: knowledge, dissemination and shared care of his legacy. With the opening of the new rooms, we allow the museum’s general public to embark on the Reggia’s emotional journey by having the tools to better understand the architect of its creation and to experience with greater awareness the suggestions of the Maestro’s greatest legacy.”

The itinerary dedicated to Vanvitelli will unfold along four rooms.

In the first, “The Call of the King,” Luigi Vanvitelli introduces himself and welcomes visitors. The architect’s sculpture, a preparatory model of the one placed in the square of the same name in the center of Caserta, opens the exhibition while to its right, on a multimedia player, his memories materialize: from his education, to his commissions, passing through his biographical events. On display in these spaces are the Portrait of Luigi Vanvitelli, oil on canvas by Giacinto Diano; Onofrio Buccini’s plaster model of Vanvitelli; and the wooden model of the facade of the Royal Palace of Caserta.

In the second room, “The Declaration of the Drawings,” the museum narrative continues with the design of the Palace of Caserta: from the presentation of the drawings to the laying of the foundation stone. An arrangement traceable to that with which the master presented his original plan for the Palace of Caserta to the sovereigns in 1751. On display here are the first plates and available insights on a tactile support: from the reworking of the project in the Declaration of Drawings of 1756, to some passages from the letters, to the celebrations of the laying of the first stone.

In the third room, however, the Vanvitellian construction site comes to life. By restoring to the visitor the architect’s expressions about the choice of workers, machinery and raw materials, about his intention to make the Reggia the center of a new master plan for the city, about the inventions he made, the visitor is given the chance to experience the teeming and fermenting experience of his work. The story on the large interactive wall is also accompanied by works belonging to the museum’s heritage.

In the last room, “Master Luigi Vanvitelli’s Legacy: the Royal Palace of Caserta,” is an entirely video-projected space, where the visitor will witness the birth of the architectural complex consisting of the Square, Palace, Park and Aqueduct. On the large screen, the constructive evolution of the work is narrated through the succession of key elements that characterize the Vanvitellian Complex. The exhibition itinerary, from the idea to the project, from the execution to the current suggestions even of places not normally accessible to the public, summarizes the deep sense of twenty years of the architect’s work.

The curation and coordination of the Sale Vanvitelli project is by director Tiziana Maffei; the concept, art-historical research and editing of the basic content by Vincenzo Mazzarella and Anna Cipparrone; the museographic project is by Luciano Turchetta with the collaboration of Vincenzo De Luce; the layout by Opera Laboratori; the design and development of the multimedia immersive path by Punto Rec Studios s.r.l.; graphic design and visual identity design by the Department of Architecture and Industrial Design University of Campania ’Luigi Vanvitelli’.
We thank all the staff of the museum, the Reggia Nucleus of the National Carabinieri Association, the firms Vincenzo Modugno srl, Hera Restauri, CIAL Allarmi, CT Impianti and Siass srl.

The Vanvitelli Rooms can be visited daily, in small groups, during the regular opening hours of the Royal Apartments, except for free days and for any security and protection needs. Access is included in the ordinary cost of admission to the Royal Apartments and ReggiaCard 2023 season ticket. Gratuities and reductions as provided by law.

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Inaugurated at the Reggia di Caserta the Vanvitelli Rooms dedicated to its famous architect
Inaugurated at the Reggia di Caserta the Vanvitelli Rooms dedicated to its famous architect

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