Rome sees the birth of a 5-euro card for access to all civic museums

The Mic card is born in Rome: for 5 euros a year permanent and temporary residents will be able to visit all of the city's museums unlimitedly.

Rome has launched the new Mic (Musei In Comune) card (Museums In Common), the card that will provide unlimited access to all of the capital’s civic museums throughout the year for only 5 euros. It will start in spring 2018 and will be reserved exclusively for residents and domiciled in the City of Rome. The municipal resolution establishing the Mic card was approved Thursday.

The card will therefore give access to several museums: the Capitoline Museums, the Ara Pacis Museum, the Museum of the Imperial Forums-Mercati di Traiano, the Museum of Rome, the Museum of Rome in Trastevere, the Gallery of Modern Art, the Centrale Montemartini Museum, the Museums of Villa Torlonia, and the Civic Museum of Zoology, in addition to the museums that are already free admission, namely the Napoleonic Museum, the Giovanni Barracco Museum of Ancient Sculpture, the Carlo Bilotti Museum, the Canonica Museum, the MUra Museum, the Museum of the Roman Republic and Garibaldian Memory, the Villa di Massenzione and the Casal de’ Pazzi Museum.

“A great opportunity for those who live in Rome,” declares Mayor of Rome Virginia Raggi. “Having the possibility to enter museums and visit exhibitions freely, at the cost of only 5 euros a year, means being able to reappropriate city cultural spaces, it means feeling at home throughout Rome. I hope that this tool will allow those who live in the capital to spend more time in cultural venues, to get to know, discover and explore the immense historical and artistic heritage as well as the contemporary cultural life of our city.”

“This is a decisive step toward the accessibility and usability of culture for those who live in Rome,” says Cultural Growth Councillor Luca Bergamo, on the other hand. “Our Museums are and will increasingly be great public squares, places in which to give quality to one’s time together with others. The goal is to generate curiosity in people, to offer them the opportunity to spend even a part of their day differently and to attract more and more those who normally have fewer opportunities to access these places. We should all be grateful to the Capitoline Superintendency for the work it does every day, the success of which is the condition that made the introduction of this freedom possible.”

Image: Capitoline Museums. Ph. Credit Windows on Art

Rome sees the birth of a 5-euro card for access to all civic museums
Rome sees the birth of a 5-euro card for access to all civic museums

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