Taranto Archaeological Museum launches a video game, "Past for future," that will take you on a journey through time

Taranto Archaeological Museum launches 'Past for future' video game that will make the player travel through time.

After Father and son (newshere ), a new cultural video game is coming to Android and iOS devices, this time by the National Archaeological Museum of Taranto: Past for Future.
As with the game published by MANN, Past for Future will also take the player into a 2D horizontally scrolling game world: one will take on the role of the protagonist William who will travel between London and Taranto in search of a woman who has mysteriously disappeared.

During the game, William will be catapulted back in time, to the time when Taranto was a Spartan colony, and visit archaeological sites such as the Tomb of the Athletes. How William interacts with the places he explores and the characters of the he meets will change the course of history, not only of the game, but also of the city and, therefore, the future.

The very author of Father and Son, Fabio Viola, is the game director of this new game. “Past for Future,” the author explains to AgCult, "is a candidate to be an artistic and cultural expression of contemporaneity and elevates the video game to a modern-day art form. The Archaeological Museum of Taranto thus becomes among the first museums to explore this new language to reach and communicate with a worldwide audience. After moving more than three million gamers with Father and Son, after transforming Florence into an immense area where to collect historical cards with Firenze Game, Past for Future represents a pioneering project to stimulate videogame tourism in the Taranto area. If until now videogames and museums seemed like two completely separate worlds today developing projects of this kind is a fundamental step to interact more with the public and introduce their treasures to millions of people around the world."

The game will be available for free on Google Play and the App Store starting Dec. 21.

Pictured: a screenshot of the game

Taranto Archaeological Museum launches a video game,
Taranto Archaeological Museum launches a video game, "Past for future," that will take you on a journey through time

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