Turin, medical clinics in cultural venues to reduce waiting stress

Doctor visit in cultural venues. Basic Culture experimental project kicks off in Turin, bringing outpatient clinics of the city's general practitioners to museums, libraries and cultural centers to reduce the stress of waiting.

The Egyptian Museum, the Automobile Museum, the PAV Living Art Park, the Primo Levi Civic Library, and the Polo del ’900 in Turin will transform some of their spaces into outpatient clinics for general practitioners of the ASL City of Turin. In fact, the experimental project Cultura di Base, the brainchild of Fondazione per l’architettura / Torino with Circolo del Design, ARTECO, ASL Città di Torino and Ordine dei Medici di Torino, was presented this morning. The project aims to test the opening of outpatient clinics of a selection of general practitioners of the ASL City of Turin in cultural venues, spread throughout the city, including museums, libraries and cultural centers of the city.

Cultura di Base is part of the pilot projects of the Cultural Wellbeing Lab, promoted within Well Impact by the Compagnia di San Paolo Foundation, an experimental path undertaken to identify projects, places, languages and cultural relations of prevention and care, in line with the principle of culture as a means of humanization of places of care. The trial will last about six months, from May to October 2022, and then move to the evaluation phase, which will be made public in early 2023. Selected culture venues in the eight Circumscriptions of the city of Turin will become doctor’s waiting and visiting rooms and host patients, demonstrating that the experience of visiting doctors in culture venues contributes to depowering the stress of waiting, increasing the well-being and psychophysical comfort of patients and caregivers.

Cultura di Base therefore intends to shift the experience of waiting and the outpatient visit from the usual places to make it part of an educational-cultural journey about architectural space as a component of psychophysical well-being. Patients and physicians involved in the project are offered architecture as a kinaesthetic and multisensory experience, capable of generating profound emotions and learning and thus an ingredient of the path of care itself.

The project will focus on Turin and at first will census cultural places with the necessary characteristics for experimentation (architectural quality, emotional potential, accessibility, availability of space and staff, absence of architectural barriers), located in different areas of the territory to select eight in the eight Circumscriptions.

The project involves Turin’s general practitioners, who will be involved in the experimentation through a public evidence procedure. The experience of architecture will be augmented thanks to the project contribution of a user experience designer, who will be involved to develop an experiential format for patients and physicians, starting from real needs and expectations within behavioral, interpretive and emotional reference models already existing in the experience of the patient and the physician.

From the analysis of expectations, behavioral rituals of the visit and possible discomfort related to relocation comes the design of the experience. Physicians and patients will be guided and accompanied by a mix of communication solutions and supports, interpretation of flows and spaces, and layout solutions. Through direct discussion with the physicians and patients involved, the impact of the experience on the physician-patient relationship, working alliance, working well-being, and achievement of health goals will be evaluated.

Turin, medical clinics in cultural venues to reduce waiting stress
Turin, medical clinics in cultural venues to reduce waiting stress

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