Verona's Gam gets a makeover: new exhibit with never-before-seen exhibits dedicated to modernity

A new exhibition dedicated to modernity, with works never before exhibited to the public, opens at Gam in Verona.

Inaugurated at the Gallery of Modern Art in Verona a new exhibition itinerary with important new works from the collection of the Civic Museums and with works that have never been exhibited to the public. The renovated spaces of the GAM offer Enchantment and Vision: Towards Modernity, an itinerary dedicated to the masters who chronicled the process of ’emancipation’ towards modernity.

Curated by Francesca Rossi and Patrizia Nuzzo, the new installation aims to present artists who, with confidence in the future, were able to move away from academic dictates and turn toward new artistic practices and processes. The Gam has chosen to present the works in its collection following a systematic rotation, so as to create a structured exhibition, which intends to acquaint visitors with a large part of the works kept in the deposits and, in some cases, never exhibited before.

The exhibition itinerary develops from the lesson of the Tuscan Macchiaioli, with works by Telemaco Signorini, to Vincenzo Cabianca, to the Posillipo school with Guglielmo Ciardi, to the Resina school with the Palizzi brothers, to the fin de siècle symbolist atmospheres of Alfredo Savini, Angelo Dall’Oca Bianca, Ruperto Banterle, Mario Salazzari and Vincenzo De Stefani.

The works of Felice Casorati, Angelo Zamboni, and Gino Rossi, which bear witness to Secessionist languages, and the Divisionist works of Baldassare Longoni, as well as Gaetano Previati’s Maternity, an exceptional loan from the Banco BPM collections, mark the arrival of a modernity that was now inescapable. Artists began to explore new languages, where painting narrates itself, through the magic of color, the tension of forms, the enchantment of light, and the richness of matter.

Donations also find space in the exhibition, in a special section entitled Thanks to. A project desired by the Civic Museums Directorate to emphasize the contribution of collectors and artists who help to increase and enhance the museum’s public heritage.

The new layout, the first realized after the renovated lighting system, was presented in recent days by Culture Councillor Francesca Briani and Civic Museums Director Francesca Rossi. Also present were curator Patrizia Nuzzo and Province President Manuel Scalzotto.

“A new route that allows us to exhibit part of the works of the Civic Collection of Modern Art, normally kept in storage and not visible,” said Councillor Briani. “An opportunity for the public to be able to admire masterpieces that have never been presented before, included in a renewed exhibition on ’modernity,’ which highlights the artistic research carried out between the late 19th and early 20th centuries by some enlightened artists. Also highlighted in the renewed itinerary are the donations received by the Civic Museums from Veronese citizens, who generously made some of their splendid masterpieces available to the city.”

“On display are the cream of the 19th- and early 20th-century Veronese and other schools,” adds Director Rossi. "The Gallery preserves numerous masterpieces from this period that have never been seen before and which, with this proposed renovation, are presented to the public in a completely revised exhibition itinerary, whose common thread is modernity and, with it, the look to the future of the visionary artists of that period. All in a disruptive creative energy, emphasizing the desire to leave the past behind and turn our gaze toward more modern artistic expressions. A very fascinating journey, among paintings and sculptures all related in terms of dynamics and themes."

“A Hymn to Courage. The exhibition, in fact, presents artists who had the daring to look and seek renewal, becoming generators, with their work, of a new artistic trend,” concluded curator Nuzzo.

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Verona's Gam gets a makeover: new exhibit with never-before-seen exhibits dedicated to modernity
Verona's Gam gets a makeover: new exhibit with never-before-seen exhibits dedicated to modernity

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