Virtual tours and live guided tours in Cagliari's Civic Museums

The Cagliari Civic Museums are moving to the web with many initiatives. These include virtual tours and virtual guided tours.

Cagliari’s Civic Museums are moving to the web and their social channels, offering virtual tours and many other digital initiatives.

The Virtual Tour of the Municipal Art Gallery and the Stefano Cardu Museum of Siamese Art, available from the official website, is achieving great success with the public.

The virtual tour is accompanied by a rich program of virtual guided tours conducted live by art historians, scheduled every Tuesday and Saturday at 6 p.m. on the Facebook channels of the museum venues. During the guided tours, the public will be able to intervene through comments and dialogue directly with the speaker.

Experts will take the public on a virtual journey through the rooms of the Municipal Art Gallery, among the masterpieces of the Ingrao Collection, to allow everyone to admire the works of Umberto Boccioni, Giacomo Balla, Giorgio Morandi, Fortunato Depero and many great masters of the Italian 20th century. Inside the gallery, an entire room is dedicated to the works of Francesco Ciusa, a Sardinian sculptor who was particularly appreciated at the 1907 Venice Biennale, whose statues constitute the first nucleus of the Civic Collection of 20th-century Sardinian artists. The second floor houses part of the Contemporary Art Collection, inaugurated in 1975 and commissioned by then-museums director Ugo Ugo, in order to represent the trends and main issues of contemporary research between the 1960s and 1970s.

Instead, the second virtual journey will lead to the lands of the East to admire, at the Museum of Siamese Art, the collection donated by collector Stefano Cardu in 1914 to the Municipality of Cagliari: on display are artistic pieces and fine craftsmanship of different Asian origins and cultures, from the silverware of the court of King Rama V to Chinese vases, passing through nineteenth-century Thai paintings and manuscripts and Japanese weapons. A collection valued worldwide.

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Pictured is the exterior of the Cagliari Municipal Art Gallery.

Virtual tours and live guided tours in Cagliari's Civic Museums
Virtual tours and live guided tours in Cagliari's Civic Museums

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