An encouraging sign for our appeal against the "rental" of cultural property

There comes an encouraging sign for our appeal to Minister Bray against the measure in the Simplification bill concerning the rental of unexposed cultural property

Despite the fact that Minister Bray has not yet responded to the appeal against the measure on unexposed cultural heritage contained in the Simplification Bill, an appeal we launched on these pages on August 1, and which you can still sign by clicking here, encouraging signs are coming in.

In an article that appeared on Tomaso Montanari ’s blog a few days ago (on August 18), titled "Why I Agreed to Try to Change the Ministry of Cultural Heritage," Montanari himself explains the reasons why he agreed to be part of the commission for the revitalization of cultural heritage set up by the minister, and listing the positive initiatives of Massimo Bray, Montanari writes that the minister “also had the very stupid and harmful measure on the rental of works in museum deposits withdrawn.”

We have been unable to find a source other than Montanari regarding this statement: that it is therefore an anticipation of the Florentine art historian? Or that Minister Bray’s action passed so quietly that no one reported it? We have a good margin of safety in thinking that Montanari read our appeal, and we would like to think that he discussed it with the minister and the latter came to the conclusion to withdraw the measure that our appeal intends to combat.

Massimo Bray has not given us a direct response as he has done with so many others, it is true, and it is also true that the appeal has received almost four hundred signatures to date from four hundred different people (art historians, scholars, teachers, students, enthusiasts, or simply citizens who care about their heritage): a response would be a very welcome gesture but, in any case, if the news reported by Montanari is true, we can only say that we are happy with our minister Bray and can finally say that we have a good minister for Cultural Heritage.