Agrigento, case breaks out over girl straddling Camilleri statue

A photo on social media of a girl straddling a statue paying homage to Camilleri in Agrigento has stirred up quite a bit of controversy.

A case has erupted around the statue in Agrigento that pays homage to Andrea Camilleri, the beloved writer who gave life to Inspector Montalbano.

The sculpture, created by sculptor Giuseppe Agnello (the same one who created in Porto Empedocle the statue depicting the famous commissioner), is located in the central Via Atenea in the Sicilian city and depicts Camilleri seated at a small table, on which books rest, with an empty chair next to it, probably to invite people to sit on the latter to ideally engage in a dialogue with the well-known author.

A blond girl, wearing a short dress and black boots, however, sat astride the writer’s shoulders and hung the chain of her handbag from the statue’s hand; she also placed a plastic cup with beer on the coffee table.

The photograph testifying to the gesture made the rounds on social media and sparked quite a bit of controversy.

Calogero Firetto, mayor of Agrigento, said, “It’s unfortunate that an irreverent stunt was able to make people talk about the statue of Andrea Camilleri, created by sculptor Giuseppe Agnello, more than the tribute of the city and the work’s financier, Margherita Marrazza.” He added, "I think the young woman portrayed in the photo should apologize to Agrigento, Camilleri’s family, and the sculptor. I am sure,“ he concluded, ”that the many visitors and residents attracted by the sculpture will continue to be obsequious to the great writer, the same ones who continue to appreciate his books and visit the places loved and described by the author."

Francesco Picarella, president of Confcommercio Sicilia, commented, “Camilleri’s literary genius is recognized and respected worldwide, so much so that upon his death Agrigento also honored him with a beautiful sculpture in the central Via Atenea. The evolutions of a girl in a frame circulating on social media are absolutely unworthy and disrespectful of civilized rules.”

Agrigento, case breaks out over girl straddling Camilleri statue
Agrigento, case breaks out over girl straddling Camilleri statue