Arte Fiera 2019, here are the names of all the award winners

Here are the names of all the winners of the 2019 edition of Arte Fiera in Bologna.

On Friday afternoon, February 1, the awards for the 2019 edition of Arte Fiera, the modern and contemporary art fair in Bologna, were presented. Below is the list of winners.

The Mediolanum Prize for Painting was awarded to the work Dopo la Tempesta (2017) by artist Nazarena Poli Maramotti(A+B Gallery) whose work confronts and confronts the great history of painting but reinterprets it as laceration in its fragmentation and becoming. The jury consisted of Cecilia Canziani, independent curator, Rome; Maria Morganti, artist, Venice; Gianluca Ranzi, independent curator, Milan; and Stefano Pirrone, Wealth Advisor Banca Mediolanum.

The Annamaria and Antonio Maccaferri Photography Prize was awarded to I Pilastri della Terra (2019) by Virginia Zanetti(Traffic Gallery) for having tackled current and urgent issues such as concern for the environment with a light and original spiritio. The second prize ex equo is given to Mushroom from the forest #1 (2011) by Takashi Homma(Viasaterna Gallery) and The Google Trilogy - 1. Report a problem (2012) by Emilio Vavarella(Galleriapiù). With the former, recognition is given to a refined and conceptual photographic language capable of dealing with issues related once again to the environment, in this case dramatic ones; with the latter, the intelligent use of the web and the development of a photographic corpus related to the long virtual journey capable of encountering and highlighting the error with great chromatic and visual impact was awarded. The jury consisted of Annamaria and Antonio Maccaferri, collectors; Maura Pozzati, art historian, Bologna; and Letizia Ragaglia, director, Museion Foundation, Bolzano.

The #ContemporaryYoung Prize was awarded to Santa Maria by Alberto Scodro(Car Gallery). The artist’s creative study, based on researching, discovering and challenging different metals through a fusion process, makes the work unique and profound. The jury consisted of Sissi, president of the jury, artist; Michele Poggipolini, Marco Arletti, Enrica Gentile, Enrico Zuffe and Andrea Pizzardi for the Gruppo Giovani di Confindustria Emilia; Andrea Maioli, culture and entertainment manager of QN il Resto del Carlino; and Alberto Ferrari, general manager of Banca di Bologna.

The Jacobacci & Partners Art and Project Prize was awarded to Untitled (2018) by Bernd Ribbeck for the open structure of the work, for its ability to dialogue with the space and those who inhabit it, for its design nature expressed through the layering of ever-changing materials, techniques and references, for its coherence with the cultural project developed over time by the Norma Mangione Gallery, and for its full expression of the mission of Jacobacci&Partners. The jury consisted of Eva Brioschi, curator Collezione La Gaia, Busca; Stefano Collicelli Cagol, curator Fondazione La Quadriennale, Rome; Andrea Viliani, director Madre, Naples; Elena Re, independent curator and curator Collezione Jacobacci, Turin.

The Bologna Valle del Samoggia Rotary Prize was awarded to the AF Gallery in Bologna, and the Rotaract prize and the “Andrea Sapone” special prize were awarded to the artist Sergia Avveduti because she has been able to use multiple devices in the search for different expressive contexts. The jury consisted of Roberto Grandi, President Istituzione Bologna Musei; Fabiola Naldi, critic, curator and professor of contemporary art, Bologna; Paolo Nucci Pagliaro, President Accademia Studi Caravaggeschi; Davide Rivalta, artist, coordinator Dept. of Visual Arts Accademia Belle Arti Bologna; Elisabetta Stagni, President Rotary Club Bologna Valle del Samoggia.

The Angamc Lif etime Achievement Award was given to gallery owner Pasquale Ribuffo (recently deceased), founder together with Franco Bartoli of Galleria De’ Foscherari in Bologna. The motivation: “To the career of Pasquale Ribuffo, co-founder of Galleria De’ Foscherari, who since the early 1960s has associated, with great commitment and professionalism, an interest in historicized artists with in-depth research on the contemporary.”

Pictured: Santa Maria by Alberto Scodro.

Arte Fiera 2019, here are the names of all the award winners
Arte Fiera 2019, here are the names of all the award winners