Bad weather, portion of the walls of Lusuolo Castle collapses in Lunigiana

In Lunigiana, bad weather that hit the area on the night of June 28-29 caused part of the walls of Lusuolo Castle to collapse.

Severe damage produced by the bad weather that hit Lunigiana during the night of June 28-29: heavy rains collapsed a portion of the surrounding walls of Lusuolo Castle, one of the most imposing and famous fortresses in Lunigiana. It is an early medieval manor house already attested in the 12th century, when it was owned by Corrado Malaspina, and today it is home to the Museum of the Emigration of the People of Tuscany. It is clearly noticeable when driving along the A15, in the section between Aulla and Pontremoli.

Lusuolo Castle. Photo by Davide Papalini
The Castle of Lusuolo. Photo by Davide Papalini

The collapse of the portion of the wall is unfortunately not a bolt out of the blue: the castle was known to be suffering. It had already been closed to the public last winter because of some injuries on the access ramp discovered over the Christmas period. However, the Municipality of Mulazzo (where the castle is located) had been diligent and in April had started some consolidation work, by anchoring the two walls of the ramp to the ground and the rock behind, with reinforced metal tie rods. A 34-thousand-euro job, after which the castle was able to reopen (just last June 25 a contemporary art exhibition, a solo show by the young London-based artist Felicity Hammond, had been inaugurated).

So it will now be necessary to invest more resources to repair the damage and secure the portion affected by the detachment: the stones collapsed onto a walkway and damaged a parked car.

“A storm,” wrote the mayor of Mulazzo, Claudio Novoa, on his social channels, “has hit our municipality causing damage and inconvenience in several locations. Numerous reports of plants along the roads, electrical blackouts and collapse of a part of the surrounding walls south area of the village of Lusuolo. A long evening characterized by many interventions carried out together with our workers and volunteers from Alfa Victor Mulazzo in numerous hamlets to reopen the roads and secure several critical points.”

Pictured is the collapse of the walls (photo Municipality of Mulazzo).

Bad weather, portion of the walls of Lusuolo Castle collapses in Lunigiana
Bad weather, portion of the walls of Lusuolo Castle collapses in Lunigiana

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